May 21, 2008

Ramble much

Ok, we are now back in the world of modern technology thanks to my smart husband. We have been blessed with free high speed wireless internet- woo hoo!

Talk about a whirlwind of activity- I mean it! I have been running to and fro dropping off and picking up kids, going back and forth to the blue house and the 'old' house, boxing and unboxing, staying up real late etc. etc. And, living here in Texas, the hot weather is arriving :( I have to prepare myself for the long summer- at least 6 months of it.

So, we are adjusting. For the first few days Sarah wasn't doing well at bedtime- she was really wanting her baby crib, but we are going to sell it, so she's in the playpen for now. I've had very whiny and gripey kids- very. We have ants in the kitchen, no home phone yet, one of the toilets was broken until yesterday and no computer. It's hard to get all these things done when dh has to go to work and I have the children.

Today I have a fourth child as well. But, overall, we are glad to be moved. Our garden is flourishing- we've picked a few cucumbers and a tomato. More than likely the house won't sell until after we get our harvest in, so I'm not worried about that. So, that's that.

I will be happy to photograph our home's setup as soon as everything gets set up, LOL. I am so very proud of the master bathroom- it's a dream and I even like the colors in there :) I plan to paint our bedroom but not anything else at this point

It has become more evident to me how important the different roles of men and women are during this move. The men are great at the heavy lifting of furniture and boxes etc. But, it's up to the women to make the house look like home. Monday I worked on fixing the rooms up a little, as much as I was able. My husband commented on how nice everything looked. He does the hard stuff, I do the pretty stuff :)

I am hoping to 'pretty up' the house some more today, but I never can tell how things are going to play out when I have my niece too. Anyways, enough rambling :)

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Whitney B. said...

Wow! You have been busy!! You go girl!