May 23, 2008

Summer Days

So, summer is just about here. I don't know about you, but for me, summer is the time to wing it. You know? No schedules or major projects etc. Back in my day, summer was lazy lazy.

Things I remember about summer...


playing on the slip-n-slide and 'laying out' to get a tan

eating cheetos and koolaid

watching the tube

playing however I wanted because there was no school

staying outside till dark catching grasshoppers and other bugs

cousins visiting

playing T-ball and snow cones

picking blackeyed peas in the garden- hot and humid and unenjoyable since I didn't like to eat them

playing in the dirt- it was nice and cool

My grandmother lived next door and she always did stuff with us. One summer we did tons of tie dye shirts and painting on t-shirts in general.

Sometimes we went to the lake for a day.

Eating watermelons for dessert and fresh tomatoes at breakfast

hand cranking homemade ice cream

shucking corn and picking plums/peaches to make jelly

Going to Wet-n-Wild!!! (waterpark)

Going to Six Flags- been there too many times

Going fishing with my uncle and grandma

Vacation Bible school

Babysitting (after I grew up of course)

One funny memory is the year those Nintendo running pads came out. It laid on the floor and you ran on it in one of the Super Mario Brothers games or something. Anyways, my sister and I were staying with cousins and we would take it to whoever's house we happened to be at. When we all finally came to my house, we got my dad to do it. He got to going so fast he slid and fell! (my dad is 6'3 and isn't skinny) LOL. We all laugh about that one. (all including my sister and 4 other cousins who witnessed it)

So what are my plans for this summer? Well, I plan to use the midmorning as outside playtime for the kids and I. So, if we go swimming or whatever, we'll do it from like 10am-12pm or so. Before and after that I will use that time to work on house stuff etc. That way it won't be terribly hot and they'll be ready for naps later. More than likely I will have visitors often because we know everyone next to us and the kids will be out for the summer etc.

We'll grill out and go to the nearby lake and pool, keep up the garden, do some canning and freezing, make ice cream, go to some t-ball games (nephews) and have fun. Next year Leiah will be going to kindergarten, so we're going to make the most of this time. No vacations this year unless God hands it to us :)

Being in this house brings a lot of memories back, because the house I grew up in was almost identical to this one, and we're out in the country again. I feel much more at home here. Amazingly, the week before we decided to move, I had been wishing inside that I could just move into a double wide or other manufactured home. I had also been silently praying for God to find us a house. Then all of these things happened. 'Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.' Amen, and thank you Lord.


Val said...

I LOVED Wet 'n Wild. Even though it's Hurricane Harbor now, it will always be Wet 'n Wild to me :D
Cool trip down memory lane. I remember many similar things. And the running mat!! Oh yeah baby! That was like an old-school Wii LOL

Sarah Dee said...

Hmmm, you must have grown up in Texas in the early 90's! It is like you are reading my mind! You have almost the exact same summer memories I do!:)