May 9, 2008

Sweet Morning

This morning I woke up with no husband beside me. The bathroom was quiet too- usually he's in there this time of the morning. Hmmm, maybe he got a call from work...back to drifting in and out of strange dreams. I finally decided to get up and sit up a little , when they walk in- Matt, Leiah and Alexa- husband carrying food, Alexa carrying a big present and Leiah carrying a card.

My husband is the great omelet maker- I'm terrible at it. So he had made me one and got the girls up early to help with it. Talk about melt the heart! My present was a single serve coffee/hot tea/ hot water maker. They had one in the room at our hotel when we went out for our anniversary and I thought it was the coolest thing. It's easy to do and made a very good cup of coffee. Dh doesn't drink coffee anymore so it's just me and I don't drink that much and don't even drink it everyday.

The 'card' was actually a love note he typed up for me, which I loved better than a card. Lucky for him, it's Mother's Day and birthday all in one! He really lucked out on that one, huh? So, I am a very blessed lady. I've not been easy to deal with this week- emotions up and down a lot, feeling stress about entertaining etc. Plus, half of the people I invited have declined the invitation to the tea party for one dumb reason or another. Honestly, they are dumb reasons- who wouldn't jump at the chance to have an elegant party with delicious food in a beautiful environment? I've even made party favors and gifts, made my dress and special ordered tea. What's up with that?????!!!!!

Oh well, if it goes well, I may do it again someday. The first one is always harder because you normally don't have all the 'stuff' and have to get it all. After that you have most everything and it's not that big of a deal. Wow I really sound like a redneck- yes, I am typing how I would speak from my mouth. For the record, I can make myself sound intelligent or I can sound extreme redneck- just depends on who I am with and my mood, LOL.

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Mrs.KAOS said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great weekend and that your party goes well. I have one of those little one shot water heaters; it's lovely for a cup of tea.