May 26, 2008


God has been making it more clear to us that we acted rightly by choosing to move here. This was a huge step in our faith, because the numbers on the paper said we couldn't make the rent, but we had peace and confidence that this is where He wanted us and if He did, then He would work it out.

1. This house has some features that I've always wanted to have in my own house- breakfast nook surrounded by windows; larger bathrooms and big tub; an area in the main room for the children's toys; um, a nice POOL!

2. Our neighbors offered to let us connect to their highspeed wireless internet. We don't have to pay for that now.

3. My husband is working at a different location and the company he works for is paying for his gas.

4. Saturday I was trying to take a nap and realized that we needed to find a bed! Here's the history- last May Matt and his mom brought down a set of bedroom furniture from Michigan to the other house. The plan was to keep it there until his parents made the move to Texas. So that's what we used. Well, now that they are selling the house, they are coming this weekend to take the furniture back. We had just put the mattress on the floor in this house until we found something else.
So, I thought, well, God will help us find a nice bed that we can afford. Less than 30 minutes later I got a call from a friend that they were getting a new bed and didn't have a place for the old one. It was a KING SIZE POSTURE PEDIC PILLOWTOP mattress and boxsprings. For free. They brought it over that afternoon and it is wonderful! I still have a set of king size sheets, but not a comforter yet. The bed is just on the floor for now, but Matt's parents have an extra king size frame, so they're bringing it for free. I was about to start crying Saturday as they were setting it up. I hadn't said a word or even really prayed for a bed. He just did it.

Another one: Last Monday I got called on my cell phone and had to go outside to take it because we get terrible signals here. After I was done I realized the door had locked behind me. The front door was locked, my car was locked, I was barefooted and all of the girls were inside taking naps. I could either run down boiling hot pavement or grass full of stickers and fire ants in the hopes that maybe our landlady still had an extra key, or, I could call dh and make him come all the way home to unlock it. The windows were locked and high off the ground. A still small voice said to me, well, I AM here. So I prayed- the Bible says He is a very present help in time of trouble and that He has the keys to the kingdom. I said" Lord, you're gonna have to open that door because I can't get in. You're Word says that whatever we ask in the name of Jesus that You would do it, so I ask in Jesus name that door be unlocked right now."

I went to the door and tried it- still locked. I messed with it a little. Finally I looked at it and said" You come open in the name of Jesus!" I heard a click, and I opened the door :)

Talk about shouting for joy- I was internally, didn't want to wake the littles. God cares so deeply, loves so infinitely I cannot comprehend it. Earthquakes and wars and lots more important things going on, yet when He sees His child standing in faith like Jesus did, He is there! I'm sure He was very excited to see His child model after Jesus, in faith.

And He will do this for anyone. He wants to do it for everyone everyday, but they have to believe and not doubt. Faith like a little child. I have been raised in 'faith' church- that was all that was preached. Yet the years of seeds being planted and watered and germinating have finally just now sprung into plants. The reality of what we can do if we believe is hitting me. If Jesus rebuked a storm so can we, I've done that before too. If He walked on water, or changed water into wine, so can we. He was our example and He lives in us. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in those who have accepted Him as their Saviour.

Today is the day of Salvation, now is the accepted time. We are in the generation that all Christians past have wanted to live in. We will see miraculous things and He will use us to make those things happen if we are willing and obedient. I have not 'arrived' or reached some higher plane. I am moving up in my walk with Jesus, but I am still learning and growing. I am just so excited about all that He is showing me I gotta tell it. This is for anyone! Listen to the Holy Spirit, ask Him what He wants to teach you and be open to Him, with ears to hear. He'll speak.

I am still working on my picture post- we are still moving stuff from the old house and had some company over the weekend, so it's been real busy. This is going to be a busy week too. But I shall not neglect my blog, hopefully :) Happy Monday everyone :)


Thirdtimemomma said...

Praise the Lord!

Sarah Dee said...

WOW. This testimony is AMAZING, Jessica! Just reading your post gave me chills. You are so right... isn't it amazing how God knows our needs and meets them?

DeNiece Barnes said...

I love your post every single day, I have been reading your blog about a month now and Have not comment until now, I love what you said about believing and not doubting, I trust the Lord with all my heart, So please stop in and say hello on my blog DeNiece

mama said...

Those are wonderful things and so good you haven't taken them for granted!

Val said...

What a beautiful post. You r testimony brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE knowing we serve such a real God who really does care about even the 'little' things. Praise God :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful testimony to God's tender mercies! Your testimony reminds me so much of us a few years ago. I was a few weeks away from giving birth to my 5th child when my husband said lets go look at this house that's for sale down the road ( he had been talking about wanting to move to a house with more land for months, but we had not looked for anything at that point)

We checked out the house and we were amazed. The house had so many features of the things we talked about wanting in a home......more land, large garden tub, a kitchen that's open to the living room, a nice stone fireplace, a wood burning furnace in the basement, central air etc. The largest bedroom that was obviously for a girl ,right down to the violet colored carpet was perfect for our 3 little girls ( the 3rd little girly I was pregnant with and we didn't know she was a girl until she was born ,but God knew!)

We decided we would like to buy it....prayed that if the Lord wanted us to have it our current home would sell quickly. We put it on the market & it sold the first week on the market to the first couple to look at it : )
Mrs. M