May 15, 2008

Is it possible?

Can I really pack my house in day and half? Are we nuts?

You know, it's actually kind of fun to go this route. Instead of planning everything to a 'T'- we're just winging it big time. Why are we moving this weekend?

1. most of the strong men we need to help us are available this coming Saturday only
2. we are only taking the essentials and will be gradually sorting and moving the rest of the stuff to prepare for the massively huge yard sale we are planning.
3. Dh's parents are coming on the 30th, so we need to be moved somewhere by then :)

We also need a bed and some dressers, because the ones we've been using are also Matt's parents' that they want to take back to Michigan because it is highly valuable. We might be sleeping on our sleeper sofa for a week or two or three...

Whitney guessed it- the mantel decor is a window valance. I was so pleasantly pleased (ha,ha) at how it turned out that I want to recreate the whole thing with a shelf I found at our new house.

Today I went and gave the house a good cleaning. There was lots of dust, and well, other people's germs :) My littles actually did a good job of helping with the cleaning, yay! Right now I am packing up my kitchen, at least everything we can spare. Anything I don't want is going into a big cupboard to await yard sale day, whenever that will be.

I've already drank just about a whole pot of yummy tea, so I'm raring to go! I'm gonna get me some rockin' music going and get that kitchen boxed up. Don't you wish you could be doing this too, at 10pm??? Sarcasm, much? Silly me...


Val said...

Lady I feel for ya! We have been looking at downsizing, and I just *dread* the thought of packing.
Good luck :D

mama said...

WEll ya know there is nothing like last minute!! It sure gets things accomplished!

Mrs.KAOS said...

Good luck, you have my prays. Moving is so exciting and the new house looks roomy and cozy.

Kelly said...

Why don't you just come and join us Michigander's? ;-)