May 6, 2008

Blogger's block

I don't really feel like I have anything great or interesting to say and am not really sure why anyone would be all that interested in the day to day happenings in my life :)

Frankly, my brain is just fried right now. My 'friend' came to visit on Saturday and hasn't left yet, so I'm sort of wiped out with that. (this friend visits monthly on the same date in case you don't catch my drift) Also this time of year is quite busy with birthdays and Mother's day. (my nephew's birthday is today, mine is Friday and my grandmother's is the 15th, plus Mother's Day is the 11th) About every seven years my birthday is on Mother's Day, which also happened to be the day I was born. May 9, 1982 was Mother's Day and I was the present :)

I am also preparing for this tea party. Naturally it has ended up being a lot more work than I was hoping. I keep wondering why I get myself into these types of things. It's not like I'm really looking for something to do with my time, but the ideas just pop up and I think I can do it. Honestly it must be some type of spiritual gifting or something- hospitality I guess. I just really enjoy opening my home and cooking for people. It's not about me and what I can do, I just do my best to make people know they are special and worth the time it takes to make something nice.

Everyone keeps asking me how do you do things like this etc? Why are doing this to yourself? It is not about me! Sometimes, there are no other alternatives but to work hard. Not everything worth having is easy. There have been times when the hard work didn't yield much return, but other times when it did. I'm not a showoff- I just do the best I can and work hard. Yes I have small children which can be difficult to juggle when I'm sewing a gown or making cream puffs, but somehow it works out. I pray a lot :)

For anyone interested, here is the current menu I am planning. It has changed several times in the last few days, but I think this is the keeper.

Savories- mini quiches from Sam's, cucumber, egg salad and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (for the little girls)

Breads- cheddar dill scones, cranberry orange scones, creme fraiche and jam, maybe lemon curd
Sweets- strawberries and grapes with poppyseed dip, lemon cookies, cream puffs with chocolate cream, Strawberry meringue layer cake

Iced peach tea with edible flower ice cubes
Rose Cream hot tea and some other flavors
half and half, sugar cubes, lemon wedges and honey

My mom might be making some brownies with a cherry topping, we'll see. I wish I could invite you all :) Anyways, I'm going to go now- I just got home and got the girls settled into naps. Time to test some recipes :)


Mami Jen said...

Hello, just browsing around the web and came across your blog. I wrote a similar post about my sister's wedding. Thanks for the info on tea parties, that'll come in handy when my lil girl gets older.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is on May 11, which falls on Mother's Day this year. Like you, mine falls this way every few years or so.