May 26, 2008

My New Palace

I haven't gotten all pictures taken yet, so I will add to this post as I get more, so this won't make a lot of sense. I don't have pictures of the 'breakfast nook' or our bedroom or the outside yet. But I will- in time :)

We have both a front door/entrance and a carport/side entrance. We of course generally come in the side door since it's quicker :) As you walk in, the eating area is to the right, and this is the first 'room' on the left, across from the table. (all images are clickable to view larger)

My Laundry, er, closet. There are cupboards above both the washer and dryer.

The little white basket is for dirty dishcloths/towels.

Next to this 'room' is another closet, the pantry. I like having everything in one spot, however the herbs/spices are above the stove. I may move the baking stuff over beside my canisters and mixer for ease of use.

Next to the pantry is a little built in desk area. I am planning to use it for the kids' taking turn with art projects etc. Right now it holds my purse/diaper bag and home management binder.

We are in the kitchen now, no pics. The next thing on that wall is the fridge. Then it opens into the living area. On the right is where we put some of the girls' big toys and big blocks. It works well so they can 'cook' while I'm cooking which takes up a good portion of my time.

This is our living room from the front door view. I plan to rework them curtains- talk about OLD!! No brass please, I don't miss 1990 that much :)

I'm in the living room, turned towards the front door now.

It looks different now because we've added shelves and more wall hangings. Now we walk past the recliner and go into the hallway, or as I like to say, 'Hall-ette' since it's not very big. Here is a nice storage closet.

To the right of this closet is Leiah and Alexa's room. I was really desperate to make the room cute since we had painted the mural at the other house, so I raided their clothes closet and dress up box for stuff to decorate with :)

There is a bathroom between the bedrooms, and on the right is Sarah's room. I am planning to change over to the toddler bed again this week. The baskets hold her cloth diapering items. I have some in the closet too. Currently I'm not exactly sure how to store them, so that's what I'm doing for now. I am very glad I already have cloth diapers- will certainly help with money!

Both bedrooms have nice sized closets- not huge, but still good sized. Now we go back to the entrance of the hallway, and this is what you see.

Now we go back by the living room and our bedroom is over by the wall Leiah is standing by. (she was in trouble- standing in the corner) Our bedroom leads into this bathroom.

At the door, then turn right, here is the shower/tub and cupboards.

I purchased this shower curtain (which is cloth, we have a plastic liner) from Walmart for less than $10. I love it! Ok, back at the doorway of bathroom. More lovely storage.

And that is it for now. We are blessed indeed. Sarah followed me around everywhere and she loves that empty toilet paper holder.


DeNiece Barnes said...

I love your home it is so lovely, I am glad that you love your new palace.... I cant wait to see it when you are done moving and decorating everything keep me posted.

Sarah Dee said...

The new house is too cute! I grew up in a manufactured double wide, so I love your new house. People think I am strange when I say that I prefer manufactured homes. They just feel like home to me! We live in a brick house now, but the new manufactured homes are really nice! I live in north Texas, close to the Oklahoma border, around Gainesville. I know that you live in east Texas. My dad lives in Cooper, and my husband goes to school in Commerce. Small world!

Whitney B. said...

Beautiful! I love your living room. Looks nice and cozy! I also love the storage space in the bathroom. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

liz said...

Wow! Your new place looks great. We've been in our house for almost a year now and still haven't unpacked about 1/4 of our stuff...I'm so ashamed. LOL

I have the same shower curtain. I love it and I couldn't believe how affordable it was.

DeNiece Barnes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I would love for you to visit more regularly. If you would like I can send you the recipe for my hashbrown cassrole, I throught about posting it one day on my blog. I use a can of cream chicken soup, shredded hashbrown potatoes etc. :) It is so easy to make plus you can make it and freeze it for at least a month.

prayzgod said...

I love your double wide - very wide open. :-)

Val said...

What a pretty house! And you have such a flair for decorating, like in the girls room. I am very impressed :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! You are blessed! We moved from a very nice home that my husband built to a very nice large double wide on lots of land.

Mrs. M