August 15, 2008


I am amazed that someone is awarding me- what have I done that's special? I tend to look at others' blogs and how detailed and elaborate they are, or that the content is much more focused and interesting, but I guess I'm doing something good!

Thanks so much DeNiece and Shannon, I greatly appreciate your friendship.

Friendship award above and Brilliant weblog below.

I will have to pass the awards to others later...4 little girls are getting into mischief!

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Atomic Momma! Congrats and it is well earned. I started reading you after finding Keeping The Home. You guys are my two favorite blogs! I've learned so much from you guys. I made your Challah bread yesterday and it came out fantastic. My belated grandmother was Jewish and made them. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn but was too intimidated. Thanks again!