August 11, 2008

My new Dryer

The Texas summer heat! Last week my sheets dried in less than an hour! Today is very humid and it started thundering so I ran out to rescue the clothes off the line. As I was taking this picture I looked down to see my feet covered in fire ants!!!!! There are soooo many bugs out today too, ack! All kinds of weird things showing up in the ants though, they are purely evil!


Crystal said...

I love drying my clothes on the line. The bugs are really bad here in Alabama right now too. For some reason ticks are horrible this year. I already had to get 2 off of my youngest. I make sure they get thoroughly doused with bug spray when they go out to play.

Lori... said...

OH, I totally agree! Never delt with fire ants until we moved to Texas! YUCKY, CRITTERS!!! And those bites HURT!!!

Jennifer said...

I so miss hanging laundry out to dry! I'm sure we'd get alot of frowns from the neighbors and land lord if we did.