August 2, 2008

Wonderful bread

I haven't made this bread since the Good Friday feast. I had to make 8 large loaves so I guess I got burned out :) I decided to make some and bless my neighbors. When I do something, I go all the way. So, I set out to find the traditional method of braiding the challah bread, which is with six pieces of dough. I happened across a video and learned how to do it. It's not really hard, but I am a perfectionist and wanted to get it just right. After much practicing, I can finally do it without watching the video and these came out great!

These were two mini loaves. I gave those away and made another big one to keep for ourselves. However half of it was given away too :)

After baking. This bread is a lot of fun to make. It's so funny to see people's reactions when they see it and when they eat it. Everyone is so surprised at how good it is and just can't stop eating it! You know why? Because there are 3 eggs and a half a cup of honey in it :) I like to make it just for the effect it has on others, lol.

I will post my recipe another time- it's in my binder and I don't want to get it. Lazy huh?r


Shannon said...

It looks so yummy!!!!

I can't wait for you to post the recipe!

God Bless,

Mrs.KAOS said...

The bread looks beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

HI there! This is Atomic Momma!

Those loaves are BEAUTIFUL! They're like works of art! Please post the recipe. I'd love to try and pass them out at Christmas. My grandmother used to make such pretty loaves.

Lara Gisela said...

Please post the recipe. It looks delicious.
God bless you

dayz in and dayz out... said...

I'm reading your posts backwards.
Beautiful and well braided!