August 20, 2008

Got started

Yesterday it rained all day long, so dear husband was trapped inside with me :) I kept him busy measuring and cutting the white blocks for Leiah's quilt. Then we both started cutting the pieces. We are doing 9 blocks with Sunbonnet Sue total. It's been fun, but I have since learned I should have gotten some solid fabric for some of the pieces.

Examples of what we're putting together:

Just for anyone really interested, this is how we've done it so far. We got a piece of paper and pinned it to some white muslin. Then dh cut out 10 blocks, one extra just in case. He cut a quarter of an inch extra around the pattern for the seam allowance. Then we printed two of the same pattern from and cut those out. Then we pinned and cut out the fabric. I bought 1/2 yd of 4 kinds of fabric plus the white muslin scraps I already have. This is going to be plenty for the sunbonnet sues. Today I will go buy the iron on stuff and hopefully the extra fabric for the strips in between the squares and border.

Mostly I better finish getting the Sue's cut out :)

On another note, has anyone noticed how hard it is to stay on task and in routine when your husband is home? I am so behind in my work just because we've been doing other things, but like yesterday we were 'stuck' in the house and I still didn't get some things finished that I normally do. He doesn't make messes like he used to and does help me with the girls a bit so I can't figure out the problem :) Well, we are spending more time with each other, so I'd rather do that than fold clothes or something :)


Sarah said...

You are making the Sunbonnet Sues look easy-peasy! Maybe I will have to try this quilt! Yes, I never get things done when my husband is around. I was off work for almost five days, and I had all sorts of plans to clean and organize. I didn't get anything done! I spent all my time going places and doing this and that with my husband!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

I find it hard to keep my routines up when my husband is home. And he is a teacher, so he gets all summer at home. :) I LOVE it though. I usually just keep up laundry & the basics & just enjoy being with him even if we are both sitting at our desks behind our computers! LOL We are TOGETHER!! :)

GREAT job on the quilt so far!!

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Lori... said...

It sounds like fun and all the fabric go together so well! Good pickins, way to go! And inspiring - I shop thrift stores for the quilts in my home! I can decorate like nobody's business, but sew - not 'sew' much! LOL!

I look forward to the other posts!

Sonja A. said...

Hello! :) We finally have a home tomorrow, Friday, and are moving in, so I can go back to commenting on people's blogs and say HEY instead of checking in for a few seconds. :D

I think making a quilt is such a treasure your girls will have when they are older. I have one quilt that was made for me when I was about 10, and it is sooo wonderful to have. I have been sick with it, used it as my and hubby's first bedspread, painted with it, everything! :) But it's still together and I love it! I'm not so sure how good I would be at making a quilt, but I might just try. You're making it look very easy! I thought it would be very difficult.

YES! When my hubby is off work, he sorta drives me bananas (in a good way)! :P He is a sporty kind of guy, and being inside one day is too much for him. He likes to go outside and go places. Me, not so much. I guess that's where we meet in the middle. :) Normally when he's off and I know it, I'll make sure to have something we need/want to do outside so he won't be pacing around the house. haha. Since we're in Germany, we'll have plenty of places to go and see. YEAH!

Hope you have a great day and looking forward to more recipes!

Mrs. Darling said...

I have a sunbonnet quilt almost finished and I havent worked on it in forever! Yours looks like its going to be lovely.

And yes even if my husband is home working outside all day and I never see him it still messes up my routine!