August 11, 2008

Well it's Monday and I'm not bored anymore :) Last week was kind of rough, due to various factors- kids were sick, my hormones, extra child etc. This week will be better. I have lots of things to share- pictures of that crazy watermelon, which we did cut and it tasted ok; a new frugal meal to add to the sidebar with pictures; I'm about done reorganizing my kitchen and will take pics of that etc.

It finally rained- yes we were standing on the Word for that one- and we're working on the fall garden now. Just getting the dirt ready takes a lot of work and we're about ready to plant seeds. So that adds to the weekly work and soon the daily work once the plants get going.

Anyways, I plan to be back later with more interesting topics.

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Anonymous said...

I want to so a fall garsen as well. This is my first year gardening and I am having a blast. What are good thing to plant in the fall? I couldn't grow a pea or greenbean to save my life a few months ago so I'm thinking I should start with them.