August 5, 2008

The Fascinating Woman

I just finished reading this. I have the actual book, Fascinating Womanhood, but I enjoyed this shorter version so much better since it is written like a fictional story. It has so inspired me to do even better in my marriage. I will read it many more times I am sure.

We have a great marriage, but I can always use a refresher regarding my role and what about me fascinates my husband. Enjoy!

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ccsmomma said...

I just read this book thanks to Amanda@muchforgiven. I have to say I enjoyed the read, but was left puzzled at the suggestion that when upset with my husband I should pout like a little girl, or call him some name like "hairy beast," or sock him lightly in the shoulder and say "how could you do that to me?!" I was totally puzzled... does that actually work? huh? I think if I poked my lip out, my husband would step on it before he noticed-Not that I advocate a screaming or shouting match. Calm, rational thoughts get way more attention 'round here.

A very interesting read though. Very enlightening.