August 28, 2008

God's Doing

(While I write this post, the girls have finally figured out how to make mud. Sarah and Alexa are outside with water and dirt, well mostly gravel, and an old mini muffin tin and a pot quite enjoying themselves. Sarah is still in her nightgown by the way, which is why I really don't care if they get filthy because the nightgown is old...anyways, it's cute.)

My husband ordered the fish oil from They have the best prices that we've found. The bottle was 20 some odd dollars plus the shipping. I don't really know how much. The girls have been faithfully take theirs and I missed my dose last night but I'll get it today- double up! I can imagine the oil would be greatly beneficial to those who live in very overcast areas with not a lot of sunshine and during the winter months. During that time you aren't getting the vitamin D needed for your body to function and the fish oil provides that. (vitamin D has to do with mood/depression, melatonin production, which affects sleep)

So, anyways, some of you may remember a post I did back at the beginning of the summer about my neighbors. They are a very young couple (20 and 21) and really don't know anything about being husband and wife. I really had a burden to help but didn't know them very personally. (the guy was a student in the youth group when I was youth pastor)

Well of course I've just been praying that God would bring us together and use us in their lives. God answers prayer. Over the last few months God has been creating relationships between us. My husband and he have been swimming together, playing pool, helping each other with stuff around the house/projects. (yeah, me and his wife were holding an air conditioner unit in the window of the house, while her husband was on top of the roof securing it with a rope- talk about team REDNECK!!!) I've been passing along health info, they've come to us for advice about jobs and family and for prayer.

Finally I shared the Fascinating Womanhood book with her. She actually read it and listened and put it into practice! I am so amazed. Her marriage is changing and her life is changing and it's awesome. They can't understand why we are so interested in them, because they feel like terrible sinners, but God has put such a burden on our hearts for them. Our children love them and they are so touched that the girls get so excited to be around them.

God gave us an opportunity to really show faith in action. A few weeks ago she ran over here because her little tiny kitten had gotten under her chair and she didn't know it and sat in it. The cat was hurt real bad. Matt went over and I felt like I should too so I did. The little cat was perfectly still, it had lost its bowels, its eyes were open, dilated and staring straight ahead. I felt in my heart this cat was gone, BUT, I knew my husband was praying, so I smiled and put my hand on the kitty and agreed with what he was praying. We kept touching it and it started to move and we talked to it and it tried getting up. By the time we left, that cat was 10 times better than before. She took it to the vet and it had a concussion! That was it- no internal bleeding or broken bones. Nothing is impossible- where you have faith He is there.

So, that was testimony to them to walk by faith and not by sight. It's a miracle cat. Now I can't keep it off of me when I visit- it's literally attacking me! Thanks a lot, Kit Kat!! (that's her name)

All of that to say, I believe that the main reason God opened this house up for us to move into, was for them. I told her that too- how special they are that God would work things out just right so that we would both move in to neighboring houses within a month of each other. Not a coincidence, not when things worked out like they did.

We are becoming good friends and thus are able to pass on whatever knowledge we have about marriage and health and Christian life to them. They are so overwhelmed and grateful they keep trying to give us stuff! We are blessed as well, to finally have some friends that are nearby and not too busy to get together! God answered my prayer from months ago, for good friends that were close by and available :)

Pretty cool huh?

Ok, time to clean up the muddy girls. I have cleaning to do and an errand to run. I am working on that quilt! Hopefully by tonight I will have some new pictures to show, and maybe by the time I'm done I can group all the pictures together in one post to make it easier to read.


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful experience! I'm so glad to hear all went well and is continuing to go well in your household.
Thanks for sharing your piece of the world. I'd like to present you with an award. Please stop by my blog to collect the image to post onto your wonderful blog.

Anneatheart said...

Thanks Jennifer- I'm glad someone enjoys my ramblings. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm anyone special or have anything enlightening to say. By the way, my name isn't Anne, it's Jessica Ann :)

Sarah said...

How awesome! I think it is wonderful that you and your husband are developing a relationship with and mentoring this young couple. As a semi-newlywed, I know that it is important to have strong Christian couples as role models. My husband and I greatly benefit by having several sets of couples in our church that have been married for many years. They set a great example of loving, Christ-centered marriages. I am so glad that you and Matthew have been a blessing to this couple, and that they have been a blessing to you!

Anonymous said...

AMEN! I love to read your blogs and I especially love this one. It excites me to hear the work of the Lord is going on. I cheer in my heart with a smile on my face to know that God is moving through us. I will pray for them too in hopes of their salvation.

Mrs.KAOS said...

That is awesome!

Toni said...

What a wonderful story! thanks so much for sharing it!! Blessings!!