August 7, 2009

Just another hormonal day

Ugghh...this morning I did NOT even want to get out of bed. I started crying before I made it to the bathroom! Anticipating surgery is really doing a number on me- I fell asleep last night praying for my water to break or something.

I'm supposed to be cooking today. I went to the very busy store with my three busy girls and my large sore body and bought all the rest of what I needed. When I got home I discovered that my water is cut off. So, um, that kind of rules out boiling chicken (I have stove now) and washing things. Lovely.

I cried again. However, my mom called and she set up an appointment for me tomorrow to have a pedicure, very unexpected and nice. My mother has been such a support for me, I don't know how to thank her. She is also wanting me and my sister and her to go watch the new movie about Julia Child tomorrow.

So, even though things aren't perfect right now, I am very blessed. I am really enjoying new home. It's me- I'm not pretentious nor do I care about surfaces, I am a down and dirty real life person that prefers more humble things :) I'd rather have something that is worn and old that has a story or history behind than something beautiful and brand new.

Gotta go- cookies are done!

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atomic momma said...

I think your fears and worries are rational. I would be very much on edge right now with the impending birth and dreading a c-section. I had one with our little boy and I don't look forward to having to do it again if I get pregnant.

Try to remember that you cannot do as much as you did before you got pregnant. You will get your energy back and time to do things. If you order takeout it is FINE - your most important job is having that baby and recovering. The time will come to return to normal routine.

You continue to amaze me.