August 6, 2009

This and That

Wow, it took me 4 hours to go to my dr. appointment! Crazy...nothing major- he didn't check to see if I was dialated or anything and I'd really rather not know. Now I'm back home and very sleepy- I will be taking a nap soon.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments about our house. I am not super woman, I have superman as a husband. Literally, he is working constantly either at work or home for me. Last night he found a stovetop in stock at Lowe's and installed it-by midnight! It's a black flat top one- he cooked eggs on it this morning but I have to try it.

When I got home this afternoon my new bedding had arrived. It is so pretty-can't wait to try it out. Again, I will need dear hubby's help with the dust ruffle. I did reward him with an early birthday present though- some badly needed clothes!! I wish I could think of some other way to bless him- he tells me he enjoys working on the house, but still, get some rest boy, you're gonna need it for next week!

I was asked about my sewing area. Well, I'm not sure where it will be, probably on top of that desk in my bedroom. My 'stuff' is in my closet- carefully sorted and labeled. I don't know that I'll be sewing for awhile yet anyways, so I have some time to think on it.

I have to say in all honesty I'm getting very nervous. I am very upset that I have to do c-sections. I am very upset that while I'm laying there getting put back together, everyone else gets to see and hold my baby. I'm sorry, but I did most of the work and I want her first! With this one, I've not had any ultrasound pictures of her profile or anything, and have no idea what she looks like. She almost doesn't seem real to me yet. I'm nervous about breastfeeding and the pain I'll be in and all the extra stuff I have to do...(no food till the bowels are working again, which means I have to get up and move around hours after the surgery) It just seems very unfair. I don't have peace about it at all and just want to get it over with.

I don't have any of my books from before about breastfeeding and all that, and haven't been able to take any TIME to refresh myself on it. I've found info online and some videos on youtube...there are literally NO stores around here that sell nursing bras or gowns- I might can find some at the maternity store in the mall. It makes just not even want to try, but then I'll feel guilty for not trying...

What a ball of emotions! I have so much to do and it's unsettling! This is what all there is left to do:
Finish getting all paperwork filled out and take it to the school
organize all the kids' clothes and shoes etc. for ease of grandma and daddy
buy the rest of the groceries
cook and freeze the food
fix the refrigerator ice thingie
organize my bulk purchases (repackage in smaller containers and store)
hang curtains in my room
buy the rest of what is needed for baby (some disposables and wipes, a few bottles, bath stuff...)
CLEAN- house is getting dirty
go to old house and get everything that's left OUT, then figure out where to put it
make a trip to the city for the special items (bra, baby outfit for going home etc.)
clean car, put carseat in
wash all laundry
pack up my stuff
assemble cradle

In the midst of that there is the cooking of daily meals, baths, laundry, church, dh's birthday dinner...feel like I'm forgetting something here...

5 days to do it too...maybe I should skip the nap...nah!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could help you!!
I hope everything goes well. I'll pray it does.

ccsmomma said...

You won't be sorry that you will at least attempt nursing. Don't worry about not having supplies. I didn't really for sure plan to nurse with my first DD and thus didn't have all the "stuff" that goes with it. I found that most of it isn't really necessary. Target and Walmart sell nursing bras(unless you are pretty busty like me, then, good luck!)-the only supply that I really found I needed besides some nursing pads for the first few weeks. LaLeche used to have a pretty good website, too, btw. I quit nursing my youngest about 4 years ago though so it's been a while. My hospital gave out a little booklet in the special "for nursing mothers" diaper bag. Maybe yours will too. I found it more helpful than anything.
This pregnancy has seemed to fly by for me. I guess that's because I'm not the one having to go through it! Good luck!

Tereza said...

One step at a time!!!!! It'll all be over soon and your new beginning will start!

liz from new york said...

ahhh.nesting are we???i did love those spurts of energy, do what you can, and forget the rest...monday you'll have your baby girl!!

Anonymous said...

Take the list and put the most critical stuff first. Hanging curtains can wait until after baby is born. Delegate what you can to others. I'm sure the women in your family would love to help where they can. And if everything doesn't get done before, so what? I know it *feels* like it all has to get done or else, but it really doesn't...

Enjoy your last days of this pregnancy. You'll wonder where they went five years from now.