August 18, 2009

1 Week since birth!

Well, if you're looking for inspirational homemaking tips, this isn't the place to get it. Nor is it the place to learn about frugal living, great recipes, child training tips etc. Right now it's all about survival.

The past several days have been filled with feeding and changing, burping and pooping or not pooping, pain medications, pumping, messy rooms, piles of stuff from moving etc. So, I have nothing to offer at the moment for anyone needing inspiration.

I can however, update you on how it's going. I'm MUCH better. I have some incision pain and some gas pains, but I'm off the powerful pain pills. Good thing too, because I was having some unpleasant side effects. I can do a few things now, like start a load of laundry, hand wash the dishes, pick up around the house etc. Mostly I'm feeding the baby, burping the baby, holding the baby and changing the baby. Today is my first day to be alone with all 4 children. So far it's ok because my mom was here for the morning and they're all supposed to be napping.

Little Samantha wanted to eat every 2 hours last night, and the night before didn't even go to sleep till 3am, so I'm ready for a nap myself and my husband is struggling to stay awake at work. Pumping breastmilk has ceased. Why? She prefers the formula...after all of that! Plus, as I got to researching it, there is just no way I can commit to exclusively pumping. I do not have the time. So, I will be doing a homemade formula with raw milk soon, once I can drive again and we get a little more organized.

I took a post baby picture yesterday, but have yet to get it on the computer. Just thought it would be interesting to compare my stomach with the other pictures. I don't know how much weight I've lost yet. My appetite hasn't been good- just haven't been all that interested in food yet. I hope to get myself eating healthier and hopefully start walking the neighborhood in a few weeks.

Here is a video of my three year old daughter Sarah singing to her baby sister. I'm not real sure what she's saying, but it's really cute. (Sarah rarely ever wears clothes at home. We're lucky she had underwear!)


atomic momma said...

Love the post. You are in survival mode. I am amazed at you and four girls. Glad you are turning the corner with the pain. As for breastfeeding - just do what you can. You may find as your body heals from the c-section some more milk might come in.

take care!

Tereza said...

Sweet big sister! Glad your a little better now!

ccsmomma said...

My little girl was a naked bird too! I would often have to remind her when we were at other people's homes to please keep her clothes on! I know some people would frown on it, but it's such a precious and fleeting stage. (although my naked bird is 6 now and still often find her running without pants. lol!)

4gr8kdz said...

I have four children too. I remember even though it was just over three years ago it took weeks to get it together. Then we figured out a schedule and it all worked out. I found it a huge difference going from three to four children. It will always be like that. I know sooner find something that is working for all of us and the kids grow and their needs change, and we all have to readjust. Enjoy that baby. Dirty dishes and organic food will always be their waiting for you. Survival mode isn't always a bad thing. I like to call it spontanaity. oops spelling.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "aawww, how cute is that?"