August 28, 2009


My girls have almost completed their first week of school. My oldest, Leiah, is used to the routine of school. Remember she started the special program when she was 3! We are continually amazed at how great this school is. It is obvious that we were directed by the Lord to move here. The attitude towards Leiah and informing me about things is completely the opposite of the other school. I actually know what's going on!

Alexa, the 5 year old, this is her first year. She is doing well. She doesn't talk a lot about it when she gets home, I ask her a few questions, but later when we're eating at the table she shares more about school. So far she can't remember any of the kids' names! She's doing great though and has adapted to the new schedule well.

I know there are a lot of people with very different strong opinions regarding public schools. I would certainly agree that the majority of public schools are not the best place for children to learn good morals and values. Having gone to this school myself, I know that this school is very open with Christians. In fact, I think they say a prayer in the morning over the intercom. There is a church on every street in this town and they even play Christian music in the grocery store. I have no doubt that there are bad things as well, but overall, they are in a great environment.

I think homeschool is great. For me it's not a matter of being able to teach my kids, it's more about controlling them. Honestly, I have been in the dark with how to get my girls to be obedient every time and to coexist peacefully. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the oldest is like the three year old, and in her frustration at not being able to talk, she retaliates by force. (pinching or scratching or biting) The second child is very spirited- extreme in her highs and lows and somewhat strong willed. She has been a challenge for me. After many years of work and much prayer, she is doing much better now.

The three year old has been sort of 'lost in the crowd' and I am now seeing a lot of behaviors I don't like now that she is alone with me. So, homeschooling just seems like a nightmare to me! I just don't get excited about it like other people do. I like school and always wanted to teach, but I never wanted to teach little ones. It's very hard for me to stay on that level for long,lol.

So, I wholeheartedly condone homeschool. I think kids who are homeschooled are generally more adjusted to real life and smarter than others who have been in public school their whole lives. I hope to get there some day. But for this time we will do public school. I do plan to work with Sarah on preschool things as I can. I need for the baby to get on a more predictable schedule! I've never had one that wanted to eat all the time!


Anonymous said...

We all have to make choices that will best fit our family....really you don't have to defend your choice to send your kids to school. You are a good mom and love your shows in what you write.
Just to set the record straight homeschoolers aren't perfect and our kids aren't perfect. I have all of the issues you say you would have if you homeschooled. So I don't homeschool because it's easy & I love it but because I believe God has called me to do it even though lots of time I don't want to. Our homeschool days have their ups and downs. This particular day I'm not looking forward to starting our new homeschool year.

Tereza said...

I think a good school partnered with a good home=good kids:)

Stormie said...

I've read your blog for sometime now and have noticed you defending your decision to send your children to public school several times. I just want to let you know that you have nothing to defend. You (and your husband) are the only one that knows what is best for your family and only you(and your husband) can make those decisions for your family. Someone will always pick and pick at your decisions no matter what they are. Keep your confidence and ignore people that think they know what is best for your children.

Always remember.....God is lending you these children because he believes you can do the best job in raising them, not the guy down the road.

Kat said...

Jessica, I do homeschool my children. But, I wholeheartedly agree with the previous poster, and don't feel like you have to defend your decision not to homeschool. Only you and the Lord know what's best for your family...and by the looks of this post He's obviously blessed you with a good school!