August 3, 2009

38 weeks, 7 days to go

Did ya notice my ticker up there? I can hardly believe that I have a full term infant living inside me :) Technically, I only have 7 days left till birth day. Next Tuesday is the scheduled c-section, although I don't know what time yet.

How am I feeling? Well, surprisingly good. Baby seems to have shifted and my lower half isn't in quite so much pain. I've been having LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions- more than I ever did with the others. But then, I've been on my feet a lot, doing lots of walking ( shopping, lol) and yes, even some lifting, shame on me! Yesterday was a low day though- I just felt so uncomfortable no matter what, had heartburn and headaches and was very emotionally agitated. Right now I'm sitting in the recliner with my feet up while the girls are napping.

I feel almost in a surreal state right now. I think back to a year ago- just 1 year ago I was living in a rent house in another town, the rent was very high and we were literally living by faith to get our bills paid, I was Miss Frugal, we were planning our fall garden and getting Leiah ready for school.

If you had told me then that I would be living in another town, in a house that we BOUGHT, and about to have another baby girl, I just don't think I could have believed it. I am very glad that we don't know the future- it would be too hard to accept if we did. I've been planning for so long, now that IT is here, I feel like I'm in a dream or something. This is my last week to be pregnant forever (getting the tubes tied), our last week as a family of 5, our last week to prepare for everything, our last week to have a hope of a full night's sleep...our lives will be forever changed.

However, I am anxious to get on with it :) I'm tired of thinking about it. After I rest, I am going to finish working on the house stuff I had planned for today, and hopefully, after the girls wake up and I can get them coloring, I'll do a video tour of the house. HOPEFULLY...


true blessings said...

do you want to get your tubes tied? I'm only asking cause I got =mine tied 3 yrs ago and I truly regret it

Tereza said...

Ah.. so many thoughts...A new beginning for you...just around the corner!

Anneatheart said...

Yes I want the tubes tied- I have special needs child as well remember...done with being preggo!