August 27, 2009

Gaining and Losing

What a crazy week! Today I finally get to just be at home. Good thing too, because there are some things needing attention around here. Thanks so much for all the 'recipes' and links to blogs and more recipes. I greatly appreciate it. I've had to pray for my appetite to come back for the sake of my family- nothing sounded good to me, but they're hungry!

Speaking of which, I went for a quick check of my incision yesterday and I've lost over 20lbs in two weeks! I didn't even gain 20lbs during the pregnancy. That's what a lack of appetite will do for ya I guess. I'm exploring various weightloss options right now. I'd like to do it on my own rather than pay for a program or something. I'll have to wait the full 6 weeks before I can start walking very far, but I hope to work on the eating soon.

Baby girl however is gaining. At her appointment she had gained a full pound since she went home from the hospital and grew two inches. She's already getting too long for the newborn sleepers. She is a chow hound though :)

I am so thankful and blessed for the weather we've been having. Generally at this point, us Texans are just SICK of the heat. August is in the 100s daily with loads of humidity. However, it has been cool and breezy in the mornings, and slowly warms up. By the afternoon it is HOT, but at least it's sort of like fall.

We're so ready for fall too. I can't wait to get all the pretty fall decorations out and light up the spicy candles. That is if I can find it all, LOL. Moving sure does misplace stuff. I look forward to fall as well because then it will be cooler and we can work on getting the outside of our home looking nice. We have lots of trees to clear out and I've been planning what plants to put where. We've never had the opportunity to do this before because we rented. Now it's our own place.

Oh and I just wanted to say that I have not forgotten about my herbal medicine making videos. I have all the herbs and jars ready, I just have to make a trip to a, ahem, 'wet' county to get the needed 80 proof alcohol to make the stuff. And, we just haven't had time for that yet. I do think about it a lot though and am looking forward to getting to a point to where I can do it! I need to get it going soon huh? I just have to slowly work into being able to do things I used to do, like sewing and bread baking, which I miss a lot! Right now it's all about covering the basics and holding that baby!

Rambled enough here...time to get the coffee!

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Sarah said...

Yes, mornings have been cool in our neck of the woods, too. I need to lose some weight, too. I'm not sure how to go about it. I am thinking of buying Weight Watcher tools on ebay so I don't have to join and go to meetings and such. We'll see. I'm glad Samantha is doing well... do the girls seem to be liking school so far?