August 31, 2009

A Day in my Life Part 1

Yes, you are going to see a 'typical' day in my life. There is no typical right now- it just is what it is. When I decided to do this all was normal, but all morning things have been going crazy! But I'll do the best I can, probably in parts.

I had a long to do list today. I actually got close to a full night of sleep and felt normal. SoI felt ambitious.

My List:

several piles of laundry to do
straighten the whole house
wipe down bathrooms
empty all trashes
rotate toys
bake muffins and granola bars
plus the daily dishes and meals and baby feeding/care

Samantha woke up at around 5:45 am. She ate and burped and I changed her, then laid her in my spot on the bed. I got up and made school lunches, coffee, and started breakfast. Then I helped the older girls get dressed for school. Baby was awake still so I brought her to the living room and sat her in the swing.

Various craziness happened then, in which I hurriedly threw on a dress and shoes to drive the girls to school, but then I didn't have to. Baby went to sleep while I sat down with some coffee. I decided to turn the computer on but it wouldn't work. My husband came back home after dropping off the girls to hook up this one.

While he did that, I worked on this room.

Then I put some clothes in the washing machine.

Then I worked on tidying up and trying to figure out how to resize a picture on this computer :) By the way, Sarah has been eating breakfast and watching her favorite Tom and Jerry during all of this.

Then my phone started ringing with calls regarding my uncle who passed away this morning. I needed to wake the baby to feed her- approximately 9am now. All done and time to change diaper and clothes. Now she's ready to be awake awhile.


prayzgod said...

Yay! When's part two? :-)

momto9 said...

Samantha has grown a lot! I'm enjoying this post:)

momto9 said... look beautiful!

Anneatheart said...

I'll have to get the rest of it up tomorrow- I just pooped out by 8:30 and baby was a little fussy.

Tammy said...

Your little ones are precious and you look great! I look forward to reading part two.
Tammy in Germany

Kat said...

You do look beautiful. Is that your new comforter on the bed :)?

Another Beautiful Day said...

I love the comforter on you bed. Did you make it or buy it?

Cristal in Florida