August 16, 2009

Various things

Home alone here. The rest of the family is at church. I am actually glad to have some time alone in peace :) Today is my husband's birthday. He took the early morning feeding for Samantha and I got a little more sleep, so I felt like making him breakfast this morning. That's a major thing, because at 5:30am I was crying from incision pain. I finally broke down and took double the pain medication. Sure did help!

I was about to give up on the whole pumping breastmilk thing. I did it Friday with NOTHING but a drop! Plus I somehow broke the skin on one side and it was bleeding. I drank a whole quart of mother's milk tea that day. Yesterday things were hurting in that area, and late that afternoon it dawned on me that the milk was 'in'. So I decided to try the pump again and low and behold, we had almost an ounce to give to baby. Now I'm trying to figure out how often I need to do this and how will I do it once I'm alone with the 4 children... Baby is eating quite a bit now, so I don't know if I can be her only source of food, but at least some is better than none.

I tried a cloth diaper on the baby this morning. She was wriggling something awful!! She likes to keep her legs drawn in to her body right now, but eventually she'll stretch back out. I finally got it on her and it's so cute! The covers are pretty big though, but that doesn't matter as long as the diaper is on good. I'll try to take a picture at some point.

The other girls are still loving her and getting used to her. Alexa wants to hold her everyday and talks about how sweet she is. Sarah sang her a lullaby yesterday that melted my heart! I got it on video and need to upload it. Overall we're doing good. It feels like it's been weeks since we had her. It hasn't even been a whole week yet! My life has changed so much in just a few days I'm losing track of time.

I was getting very depressed because of being in so much pain for so long. Even before she was born I was in a lot of pain in my hip area. It's starting to ease up though and I'll just have to keep the medicine flowing for awhile. I hate that, but I have to do something. I'm very glad this was the last one. I can't imagine being compelled to do this again. She is so sweet and beautiful, but, she is IT :)

Have a nice Sunday everyone.


atomic momma said...

All I remember after getting home from my c-section was the pain from the incision and breast feeding HURT. And that was just ONE. You have endured FOUR of them which is amazing. Think about if someone told you that they had FOUR surgeries getting cut open in the same place. It would amaze you. All I have to say is that you have to pace yourself and give yourself time to heal - a Csection is MAJOR surgery and you have a newborn on top of that to feed and care for.

Hugs and love. Thanks for the update.

Mary said...

Take your pain meds on a regular schedule! Don't wait till the pain is unbearable! I too have had multiple C-secs and surgeries. Every day you are closer to healing. Right now time is your friend.
Praying for you!