August 7, 2009

Being Healthy

I've had lots of thoughts about this rolling around in my head lately. I've been on quite a health journey the last few years. I went from eating only perfect whole foods with the majority of it being raw, to eating a standard American diet again, then to Nourishing Traditions, then back to the SAD one again.

When I made 'the change' the first time, my health improved greatly! It worked well and seemed so easy after I got used to it. I was sure I could do it for life. Then morning sickness hit, and well, it got to where I ate what didn't nauseate me. This started a pattern so that after the baby came, I wasn't too excited about getting back on the stringent diet plan. And so goes the inability to lose weight since then.

After my second child I developed major health problems. It was over a year before I investigated them and began learning more about nutrition and natural healing. We started some good supplements and I ate more protein for our new growing baby and I did much better. After she was born, I took the plunge and ordered this book I'd been hearing a lot about called Nourishing Traditions. It was a good 6-8 months before I was able to really implement some of the practices in there. But, once I got going, it became easier. We did that full blast for at least 2 years, closer to 3.

Since I became preggo, that was out. At least the first three months and the last two months it has. In between we ate really well for awhile. What has my experience been? Well, um, actually, I've been fine. My digestive system has been much MUCH calmer, though we've been eating worse. Odd since I do have a full term baby inside. The children have been more, er, crazy, as in hyped up etc. But they did that on days they didn't have any sugar too. My husband has suffered the most, but probably because his workload is so much and has more stress than I do.

So, I'm wondering, could it be that not thinking about it at all takes the pressure off and allows my body to work right? I read an article once about healthy people trying to get healthier, but instead got sicker. They became obsessed with do everything perfect that they're bodies got worse and worse. You know what else? Every time I find out one thing is good, I'll read the complete opposite somewhere else. So which one is it? I think sometimes those of us who do NT cooking sort of put ourselves on a pedestal, that oh you might be healthy because you use organic and whole grains, but I'm really healthy because I soak and ferment them.At least, that entered my mind many times.

My conclusions: we all know what to do really. We know it's better to eat foods that grow naturally in nature. We know that eating chemically laden false foods does us no good, because we are literally what we eat. We know that there are super-germs out there now and our bodies need to be filled with healthy bacterias to fight them. We know taking drugs may only mask the symptoms and it's a good idea to get to the bottom of the problem rather than cover it up.

Once I get things rolling again, I will go back to our healthier ways. Most likely I'll stop buying instant oatmeal packets and microwave breakfast sandwiches and corn dogs and frozen pizzas. The kool-aid will go out with the cheetos and popsicles. Fast food will occur less. (we've already eaten it 3 times this week!!!!)

But I think I'm done with soaking things. I don't notice much difference except beans and oatmeal. I just like the flavor of sourdough bread, but the other stuff isn't too special. Plus, in one place I read phytates are bad, then in another that they're good, so which is it?! If my children won't eat soaked sourdough bread, then why am I making it? If they will gladly eat homemade whole wheat yeasted bread, then shouldn't I do that?

Another thing I enjoy making is fermented veggies. Honestly, the sauerkraut was tasty. I'm not sure how to get children to like it, but dh and I liked it, and neither of us like commercial kraut. They love kefir and yogurt though, so I will continue with that. I think eating basic whole foods, as much organic as we can, really is the best you can do. If your body has the basics, then I think that's the most important.

And really, we shortchange the power of God's Word. Sometimes we are in a place where we just can't eat perfect, yet are obeying His voice. Don't we believe He will take care of it? If He tells us to go somewhere that is only serving junk food, then I'm sure it will be ok. All things are possible with Him. Eating perfect isn't the end all be all, or a religion, it's part of being a good steward of the temple of the Holy Spirit. Part of it mind you. Jesus Himself said it's not what goes into a man's body that defiles him, but what comes out. (not, er, bodily functions, but what comes from within our heart)

So, many thanks dear Lord for preserving our health in this crazy busy season. Our eating has not been ideal, but You have kept us strong.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I just try to stay away from a few simple things... no artificial sweeteners, fewer hydrogenated stuff, fewer sodas, fewer "easy food" choices. That's it.
I used to feel a bit guilty when I went through the nutrition-obsession phases because how many people can do that in the world?? And people get by. It's the old, "eat healthy, exercise regularly, die anyway" bumper sticker.
A little common sense goes a long way, but if I have to work on two loaves of bread all week for different stages, I just can't imagine it. It certainly works for some people, I guess. Just not me!! And we're pretty healthy around here.
Relax ~ common sense ~ and eat!!


Tereza said...

I think you may be onto something!!! The worse thing for our health is Stress!!!!! And god is more powerful than the food we eat. That being said I also agree with you on the point that we all know that basically we all shoud be eating more fresh fruit and veggies etc and if my kids refuse to eat sourdough because they hate the taste...well I need to fill their tummies and regular bread will do the job and nourish them more than not eating:):):) I think blogland/internet is great at putting pressure on us busy moms to do everything perfect!

Anonymous said...

Good for you.

I love watching the vides and what not of others displaying their living kitchens but I have found it isn't practical for us. It's expensive, time comsuming and I see no health benifits for it although maybe others do. I'm putting that time and expense toward a lot of other things now. I find it odd that some things shouldn't be eaten by a pregnant woman. It can't be that good for you then, huh?

We started eating as if I am pregnant. I've always ate better when pregnant. No special diet or anything just much better all around so I'm going with that for now.

jesnicole said...

Good thoughts, girl! Obsessing about anything is never good. Hope things go well with the new baby! :)