May 27, 2008

Fabric Softener

I generally use white vinegar in the final rinse for everything except pajamas/underclothes. (I use the Downy Simple Pleasures lavender and vanilla- yum!- very sparingly to make it last) I gave this recipe a try and it works well. I need to find a better scent though.

3 cups distilled white vinegar
6 cups of water
1 bottle of hair conditioner- supposedly ocean scents smell the best. Haven't tried it yet. I had a bottle of 'milk and honey' scent. It's ok.

Mix ingredients together and use as you would regular fabric softener. I mixed the conditioner with the water using a whisk first to smooth out the lumps. I poured everything into a large vinegar bottle because I had used the rest of it in the recipe. An old fabric softener bottle wouldn't work because it wouldn't hold it all. Finding the right container could be tricky, but the vinegar bottle works great since it's large enough to hold the liquid and has a handle.


Anonymous said...

Our fabric softener trick is to use small towels (cut up scraps, about 6x6 inches) as a dryer sheet. I dampen one and then drizzle on about 2 tablespoons of softener. Give it a generous squeeze and toss into the dryer. We've had the same bottle of concentrated softener for over 8 months now! The little towels get overly sticky after a dozen uses, so I just pitch them.

Hope this helps!


Sarah Dee said...

I LOVE Simple Pleasures Lavendar Vanilla! It is pricey, but it smells awesome! By the way, the Creed on your music player takes me back to high school! I love Creed. The Human Clay album was the one I listened to my junior year!