September 15, 2007

So how did it go?

Yesterday was our church's Biblical Feast. I hit the floor at 6:30am and was almost running till 9pm last night. I am beat. But, all the hard work paid off. Everything came out great and everyone had a wonderful time. Fortunately, our church is very small, and only about half of the people came, so that was about 20 people or so, not including kids. I had tons of leftover food.

Problems we encountered:
While thawing out the gallons of soup I had made I somehow burned it. I did this Thursday night and had to start over Friday morning.

Our fellowship hall used to be shed and only has two window units for air conditioning. While it wasn't terribly hot, the way we had things decorated the kitchen was blocked off, and I was so hot. My fan wasn't doing much at all.

My husband and I kept forgetting to bring or buy something, so we made lots of trips to the store and home.

About an hour before the dinner, my mom came with the girls, and we were all busy, so when I opened the oven door I didn't realize baby Sarah was right there and she planted her hand face down on the hot door. She screamed so hard for so long that my mom just took her and my oldest home. None of my other kids had ever done that, so I'm not suprised, but it was just too much. I hate that my mom missed it :(


Val said...

How neat! That menu sounds delicious. What a neat way to celebrate!! :D
I hope your baby is ok-I hate burns :(
Take care!

Sarah said...

Yum! Wish I has been there...sounds wonderful and fun!

Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful! You do not give yourself enough credit for how talented you really are! Loved the pictures and amazed at how you were able to do this with 3 little ones!

Anneatheart said...

Thanks everyone- I guess God gave me a picture in my mind and I went with it. It really was a lot of fun, and a learning experience. I've done church dinners before, but I didn't have an children yet. What a difference!