December 29, 2008

A brand new day!

(this is the third time I've tried to write this)

Wow, we are finally finished with all the Christmas rushing around. It's good to be back to normal 'boring' daily life. Except it really isn't boring because there's lots of new things to play with for the kiddies.

Yesterday was a bad pregnant day. I had a bit of morning sickness I think. I have a theory about morning sickness, I think it's really your body wanting food. Usually I get to feeling really bad for awhile before I get the hungry feeling, then when I eat till I'm full I'm so much better for awhile. Anyways, today before I got up I ate some crackers and that helped a lot. It gave me time to shower and get breakfast cooked and then I was hungry enough to eat it :) I am allowing myself to drink the rest of the coke we have to help me out, but after that I plan to keep peppermint tea and real gingerale on hand. Right now is such an important development time for baby that I don't want to keep drinking cokes- a bad habit to start up.

My house has been in an upheaval since we got sick. We've tried rescuing it a few times, but we've been so, the main goal for today was putting all the presents up and get rid of sacks/gift boxes, the laundry, and begin taking down Christmas decor. I've done most everything now, except folding the laundry- I hate that part.

As much as I love Christmas, after a few weeks, it's time for it to go. Only this time I have to pack things away really well, because we will most likely be moved across the country by next Christmas. (the girls received the whole set of Beatrix Potter videos and are watching them now-so cute!)

I still have not told my parents about my pregnancy. Every time I think about it they're so happy and I don't want to do it! I am planning to do it this week, since I'm over half way through the first trimester I figure I better!

Things I plan on posting about in the near future:

our organization plan for moving and keeping from accruing massive amounts of stuff again before we make the big move.

nutrition- both for pregnancy and the whole family

simple and nutritious meals/menus

our decisions regarding the future birth and what we plan to do/how etc.

more on faith and words

intensive child training :)

my increasing knowledge of herbs and natural healing

Plus all the random bits of things I include on here.

Well, after I rest a bit I will get my rear in gear again and get everyone dressed (yeah, we're still in nightgowns) and start folding laundry, then do lunch, then we may go out and visit my cousin from Holland for awhile. Have a good Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your upcoming postings!!

Hope you have a better pregnant day tomorrow! :)