December 26, 2008

On the mend

Well, everyone is better today. I have spurts of energy and I run through the house trying to rescue it from the shambles it was in yesterday, then I hit a low spell and have to sit for awhile.

Talk about a memorable Christmas- yack! The children had fun and today we did Christmas and birthday with Matt's parents. Today is my middle daughter's birthday, Alexa, and dh's dad's birthday. Alexa is five and Leiah, the oldest is 5 until next Saturday. My inlaw's gave me an electric ice cream maker that doesn't need ice to make! Yay, now I can make healthy desserts easily :)

Tomorrow I have Christmas with my family and a party to go to in the evening. Surely we'll be fine then...we are about to eat real food- chicken and potatoes- getting tired of soup and coke and jello. We never did get to have the Swedish smorgasbord :( Maybe next week for New Years.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing better! Get some rest so you can totally feel GREAT in the morning! :)

Your ice cream maker sounds nice!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, my goodness! It sounds like you guys have not been having fun at all! I am glad you are feeling better, and I am sending prayers your way for everyone to have a speedy recovery! I know the stomach flu can take a lot out of you, even when you start to feel a little bit better! (((HUGS)))

Ohiomom9977 said...

We've had similar health issues here too - my 2 year old has the deep cough that makes her puke as well as diarreah on top of that. I had a gall bladder attack yesterday and hubby has the stomach flu today. I hope by tomorrow I can also say we're on the mend too :)