December 22, 2008

Plans changed

Well, that weekend did not go as planned. Not in the least.

In the middle of the night Friday, Leiah woke up vomiting, but it wasn't her dinner, it was...snot. She has a very strong gag reflex and has a hard time coughing effectively. She has had chest congestion off and on for a month now, and it finally got bad. She had a fever of 104 and was very upset. So Matt and I prayed over her for about an hour, she threw up three more times, we gave her fever medicine and medicine for her tummy. We all went back to sleep around 5am.

Well, by 8am she was acting fine. So we went about our day like zombies working on stuff- see, we didn't go to the family gathering two hours away, so we worked on the house and stuff. Late that afternoon, after her nap, Leiah just kind of laid on the couch. After awhile I heard her whining, and she threw up again, more mucus and her fever was back. So, we decided to go to the ER (direct care). The closest one was closed of course so we had to go far away. By the time we got there she was acting better! But, it turns out she had bronchitis, which can be caused by either germs or irritants like dust and smoke. So we get the prescription, head to Chick-fil-A for dinner at 8:30, then go get the meds, then drive home, then get the kids to bed by 10:30. Stupidly dh and I decide to lay in bed and watch Kung Fu Panda till midnight.

So, Sunday morning Leiah is MUCH better, but I go ahead and take her to my mom's instead of church. We have a lovely church service, then after lunch dh and I go shopping.
Oh. My.Goodness. It was CRAZY!! We went to a store called Ross, and it looked like a tornado had blown through there!
We did happen on some good deals though, but we ended up not getting home till 8pm.

So, today we've been cleaning up a storm, getting ready for company. I've cleaned things like moving everything off the counters and cleaning behind it, washing walls and cupboards, bleaching stains, windows etc. I even cleaned the fan Dh will be steam cleaning carpets in a bit; I still have to clean out the dreaded refrigerator...

Does anyone know how the refrigerator gets so nasty? I put leftovers in there and they never come out! Then when I know something has gone bad, I procrastinate cleaning it out until I have to throw the whole container away...bad I know, but smells really get to me, especially now.

I have been eating loads of spicy food! Oh, I love it, it's soooo good. Everyday for breakfast I've been eating eggs with hot sauce- that's it, no toast or oatmeal. Coffee still tastes good, but i haven't had much of a sweet tooth, which is good. I want spicy hot food all the time! I even ate some cayenne pepper sauce by itself!

Alright, time to try the hairspray on the couches to remove ink. We'll see; if I remember I'll take some pictures.

*****Edited to Add: I was so desperate for something else to put the cayenne pepper sauce on that I just put it on saltines and ate that for lunch...after I ate the last piece of homemade pizza doused in the sauce too. Now, if I needed any other sign that something was going on, that would be it. How crazy!


true blessings said...

In my last pregnancy all I wanted to eat was spicy shrimp wrapped in bacon...yum yum

Anonymous said...

I went totally off sweet things when I was pregnant too. (Which was probably a good thing as I had impaired glucose tolerance and chronic thirst which would have been worse if I'd been eating sweet stuff.)

I know what you mean about leaving things when you know they've gone bad - I always think I'll leave it in the fridge until I'm doing washing up and then I forget when I'm doing the washing up. Hope you manage to get everything done that you want to and that your little girl is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope Leiah feels better soon!

I've been to a few Ross stores and they always look like a tornado blew through! LOL

I'm with ya on the leftover smells! YUCK!

Crystal said...

If your craving spicy food then maybe it's a boy! That's what I craved with my boys. With my 2nd I ate a jar of jalapenos a week. LOL

Sarah said...

I am glad Leiah is feeling better! Ross is always crazy, but if you can cope with the mess, you can find some really good deals. You are braver than I am... I keep the fan going year round because I am scared to look at them! The fridge, however, is my weak spot. I keep a really clean fridge!

Mary said...

When I was expecting my son I ate toothpaste, bad I know! He's 21 and has white spots on his teeth from all of the flouride I ingested. When I was expecting my dd I ate ketchup on saltines. Go figure. Why can't we crave carrots or something?

prayzgod said...

I like spicey all the time, even if not preggers. I love scrambled eggs with the green tabasco on it - LOTS of it.

I like chicken noodle soup with red tabasco in it - so much that it turns the soup pink.

When I was preggers with my third, I used to regularly frequent a local sub shop. The people there knew me (we lived in a small town) and would freak, because I kept order whole wheat tuna subs, with LOTS and LOTS of jalapenos. They's ask me how many Jalapenos I wanted, and I'd say "about one jalapeno per bit, please."

Cayenne and jalapeno are great for the cardio vascular system. Think of this as your daily aerobics, but in pepper form. ;-)

PS - My whole family is down sick today, so everyone except for me are in jammies, and watching Christmas movies and such. I made a big pot of soup to eat, and we are all kicking back. Some of us have colds, some have tummy issues. I have a chest cold, complete with coughing up green goo.

Anonymous said...

Had to take my little one to the ER Sunday morning after being sick all weekend. He has bronchitis also.

And congratulations! We are expecting twins.

Hope you got all that shopping!

Anonymous said...

I had to have Taco Bell every night with my youngest son. I also craved hot dogs. I'll bet you are having a boy.

Anonymous said...

I've got the same problem with leftovers ~ unless I put a piece of paper on the fridge and write down the available leftovers in portion amounts like a little menu...

~ two servings of green beans
~ three servings of spaghetti
~ One serving of apple sauce

Then, for lunch I'll make what I was planning, but let the kids (or me) decide if they want to order from "the menu" on the fridge instead.

Seriously... If I'm faithful in keeping the "leftovers menu" I use them all up!

Merry Christmas,

Oh... and be glad about the hot sauce. My mom craved Vicks Vapor Rub with my sister. She would have to restrain herself from licking it out of the jar, so she would put a blob in a handkerchief and tie it off and sniff it all day ~ LOL! No wonder my sister is a little weird :o)

Kristi said...

So funny that everyone is saying that spicy is for a boy...I was eating tons of spicy food and virtually no sweet stuff with my daughter and tons of sugar with my son!!!

Hope everyone feels better!