December 19, 2008

The Rush is on!!!

*****Deep Breath*****

It has started. The Christmas rushing around, at least for me.

Today: Go to Leiah's school Christmas party- done
Emergency quick clean- done
make pizza dough-
shop for ingredients for dessert for tomorrow's family function-
go visit a relative in from Europe-
Fold some laundry-
make dessert for tomorrow
work on homemade gifts

Tomorrow- pick up all presents that were shipped to local walmart
clean out van
drive to a town two hours away for Christmas on my dad's side of the family

Sunday- we're doing a family singing special for the first time
go to mom's for lunch
dh and I go shopping
work on homemade gifts

Monday- CLEAN- steam clean carpets, get ink pen off the furniture (HOW???), wash windows and walls, wipe down behind appliances and stuff, scrub the fridge, clean up outside...wrap presents, laundry, dust, polish wood...

Tuesday: Bake, bake, BAKE!!! Cut out cookies, sand tarts, Swedish yeast buns, fudge, coffee cake...then, go shopping that night for the rest of the food needed and rent movies. In-laws arrive this morning too.

Wednesday: Deliver baked goods to neighbors, finish wrapping any presents, cook for smorgasbord, assemble all toys!!! Prep for the next day's breakfast.

Thursday morning- we have a southern version of Eggs Benedict- english muffin, fried egg, ham and gravy on top- fresh oranges, coffee cake, coffee and juice: The rest of the day is leftovers :)

Friday- head up to a town two hours away for Christmas with brother-in-law and celebrate Alexa and her Grandpa's birthdays.

Saturday- Christmas with my immediate family and brunch- that night is a suprise anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.



Kristi said...

It depends on what surface or fabric you are removing ink from. I think that rubbing alcohol works well, but in most cases, ink is permanent. Here's a link for a variety of surfaces:

and here is a link that might be even more helpful, suggesting the use of hairspray:

Best luck!!! I envy you the rushing around...yes, you read that right! We are having a very mellow Christmas this year and even though we have snow (and lots of it...rare treat here!) it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I have been very successful in avoiding shopping this month and kind of miss it. Weird, I know. The only "busy" I am having now is realizing that I haven't sent out my Christmas cards, made the outfits that I was going to make for the picture, or taken a picture to give to family...

Here's wishing you the best and a very Merry Christmas!!!

ccsmomma said...

RE: ink on furniture.

I've never had ink on the furniture, but i've had it in clothing and on the carpet.It's terrible. I stumbled upon a really cheap product that works pretty well for stains. I can't guarantee it will work for your ink, but I've used it on all kinds of stuff. It's called AWESOME. I found it at the dollar general but have seen it at several of the dollar type stores-maybe even walmart? (my memory fails me sometimes.) It's only a buck for so for a bottle. I keep it right by the washer to use as a stain pretreater. It's great for getting out gum!!! (kids make the strangest stains, don't they?)

Sarah said...

I totally know what you mean! I bought toys for my niece and nephew the first week in December... and then I did nothing else until last night at 6:00! For some reason, I had it in my head that I was ahead of the game. Rubbing alchol does work well, but I don't think it will get the stain out completely. I know OxyClean stain remover works well, but I have never tried it on ink! Good luck, that is a tough one!