December 12, 2008

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Hopefully, I have a big shopping day ahead. I'm going to the 'city' to get whatever we need for Christmas and I'm hitting it all! I'm going to the jeweler's the get my wedding rings fixed (remember I had to cut them off because I couldn't get them off), which is my present from my mom. I'm going to the toy store (Miss Alexa badly wants a Barbie bike, and walmart is out of stock) I need to visit Walmart as well to get some of those cute furry crocs for my children and some other items. I plan to go to a resale shop and the soap supply store. And possibly the health food store...will two little kids make it through this? Probably not, but my mom is coming and they can sit in the car and watch a movie if need be.

I am such a Christmas nut. I always have been, but the last few years, Christmas hasn't been as fun or magical because for one I'm an adult, and two, being the one to coordinate parties, presents, meals, baking etc. is kind of stressful.

I put my fake Christmas tree up last week. After several days, I've decided it just isn't right. I grew up with only real trees that we hunted and cut down at tree farms. The scent and action of picking and cutting the tree is very nostalgic for me. Since the last few months have been full of topsy turvy events and emotions, I have decided that I MUST have a real tree. Not only that, I MUST make homemade ornaments for it. Yesterday I surfed the internet awhile to find ideas and then after Leiah got home from school we headed to walmart to get supplies. I tell you I was a silly kid in the store. I got my own kids all excited over Christmas ribbon and pom poms!

Then I happened on the Christmas throw blankets for $3- had to have those!! Oh and then I saw the spray on snow in a can...I read the clean up directions and then bought it. Why not?

I am planning to make a few different types of ornaments, very simple ones, and I hope to take pictures for you. Last night we had a work party at Cracker Barrel. If you have access to a Cracker Barrel restaurant, go there NOW! They have all their beautiful Christmas things on sale at 40% and they told me it will just keeping getting cheaper. Most of the ornaments are $1.99 to $3.99. I got many pretty thing- some snowflakes that are made of tiny pinecones, a old timey stove with Christmas baking on it (it was a tree ornament), some porcelain cardinal birds, a country Santa... I will be back if it's just going to get cheaper.

So the plan is that tonight we will work on ornaments and move our other tree. Tomorrow morning we will go cut a tree and bring it home. Then finish working on ornaments and decorate tomorrow afternoon/evening. (dinner will be crockpot of course!) After the girls hit the sack I will wrap some presents.

I'm all in this Christmas season! Next I have to make all the gifts I am planning to and have a holiday baking, fun, fun!!!


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!
Hope you find just the right tree for your family!!

Sarah said...

Wow! It sounds like you have been one busy mama! I love Christmas, too! It is my favorite holiday!