December 28, 2008

Nothing much

Hmmm, sounds like the whole country is sick! Maybe this is a conspiracy theory, but I believe 'someone' is either experimenting on us citizens, or there is some kind of germ warfare going on. Sure sounds like it to me.

When I was little, adults never got the stomach virus, only kids. Now, even the elderly pick it up. So either these things have gotten stronger, or everyone's immune systems are very weak or both. Even though the nasty part didn't last long, I only threw up once and dh had diarrhea, the after effects are terrible. I still feel so wiped out. I haven't cooked since Wednesday night, haven't felt like it, we finally cleaned the house last night at 9pm- with the special Lysol for flu and chlorox wipes too. I wiped everything down that might have been touched a lot. I've been drinking a fair amount of coke too- I guess it makes you feel better because it makes you burp, I don't know.

I had been full of energy until this- now I don't know if the pregnancy hormones are hitting me or what, but last night I felt very sick again at a party because of cigarette smoke. Only when I'm pregnant does that affect me so much- had to LEAVE! Makes me angry...but at least I was able to eat the spicy hot sauce yesterday :) No stomach for coffee yet either...

The bug that is going around here is fast- it hits very quickly and is over within 12 hours, then it takes a couple of days to get totally normal again, where food smells good :) I was continually speaking God's Word even while sick and dh listened to the Bible all day when he was sick; I'm still not sure why we got sick because we were all praying for no sickness through Christmas. We hadn't been very consistent with our supplements and healthy eating or staying in the Word of God either. We were just too busy, hmmm....

Today is the last day of running around. First church, then we drive to brother-in-laws for Christmas with them. Tomorrow dh goes back to work and I go back to being home with the children. I will be spending the next few weeks packing and sorting and decluttering and moving. Unless God opens the Michigan door really fast, we are moving back to the other house in town that we moved from in the summer...long story.... I'm glad to go back to a bigger house with fenced in back yard, but I will miss my tub and pretty eating area. But we will have a lot more money to work with and pay off lots of debts- woo hoo!

I have lots of things on my mind to post about soon--when things slow down a bit :) I plan to post some pictures of the girls' Christmas :) They really enjoyed it this year and we picked out the perfect presents for each of them.

Time to go shower and get ready for the day. Have a blessed Sunday.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Sorry you are all so ill. Thankfully we havent got any bug here and neither do our friends. Its probably only a brief interlude in the winter bugs that are sure to come!