December 2, 2008

Plans for December

The December whirlwind!

Sunday night I made up a monthly plan outlining what needed to happen so I don't get lost in it. I had the brilliant idea to not go to a local restaurant for our annual Christmas party, so then the whole thing fell to me. We are having it in our church fellowship hall and I'm in charge of it. You know me, I must do it BIG! Plus everyone has kind of been sourpusses about the whole thing, so, I am going to blow everyone away with this party. I bought LOADS of snowflakes to hang, icicle lights, a tree, etc. etc.

Next week we have a work Christmas Party.

The next week Leiah will be out of school and a family gathering

The next week we have company for Christmas and lots of family gatherings.

In the midst of all of this there is the shopping, the sewing, the decorating, the baking and cooking, visiting Santa Clause etc. But, I love it. I finally have license to play Christmas music all I want and deck the halls. I think maybe tomorrow night I will decorate the house and surprise the girls the next morning. I'll wait to decorate the tree till they can though.

So, in light of all of these things, I purposed to get up early 3 mornings each week if not more, to maximize the time. It has helped.

Yesterday I got most of the week's cleaning done, some baking and laundry. Today I finished the laundry, deep cleaned the oven, sorted out the girls' clothes yet again, shopped for groceries and am about to start snipping snowflakes. Sunday I also planned out what I wanted to bake, the special meals, when to send out Christmas cards etc. I can change it if need be, but at least I have a plan.

I was tireder this morning, but tomorrow I will sleep a little later, then go early again Thursday or Friday. It sure helps to have some extra quiet hours to work.

Happy Christmas planning!


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh have fun at your party. I love throwing parties. Hope your tiredness leaves. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope all that Christmas stuff goes well. I also wanted to say that I love your playlist - I don't normally have the sound on when I'm reading blogs but I'm glad I did today.

Susan. :o)