December 25, 2008

A very un-Merry Christmas

Well, guess what my husband and me and my inlaws got for Christmas? Stomach flu.

At least, we think that's what it was, but it could also have been food poisoning- we're not sure. Poor Dh got sick yesterday with fever, chills and diarrhea and upset stomach. He laid in bed all day. Then last evening my stomach started bothering me and I got the chills/fever and laid awake all night with a stomach ache. Finally around 4am I threw up, one time. I called my sister for some phenergan (they just got over the same thing) and brought me some. By 10am I was doing a lot better, but then we found out dh's parents had been sick all night long too!

I am rather bummed out because I had high hopes for Christmas and was very excited about it. Now we didn't get to enjoy hardly any of it. The girls, however, are having a great time with their loot :) Dh got me an electric knife for cutting the loaves of bread- I'm a little scared of it :) I got him an MP3 player and he's been downloading some free sermons from online.

I'm starting to get hungry, but I think I'll just stay with jello and chicken broth for now.

Bah humbug!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you all got sick!! Hope you all get over it quickly!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family are feeling better! I am so sorry you had to spend your Christmas this way.
Hugs :-(

liz from new york said...

nothing like being sick AND pregnant..AND having to get up and take care of small have my sympathy! feel better, and btw, the bread knife is a good thing to have, wait till you need to carve up a roast beef, you'll never be without one again, lol!

Squirrel T said...

Oh, so sorry! I hope you're feeling better. My mom got the flu, too, and we cancelled our family gathering at her house. We rescheduled for Jan. 10.

Wish you were moving to my part of Michigan, but I'm in the lower part.


prayzgod said...

Wow, what in the world is going around? My friends (remember Vickie and her three girls and boy - she's preggy with number 5) they all have the stomach flu thingy right now. The first person got it on Christmas day - yesterday.

Meanwhile, we're all getting over it. I got it yesterday (I'm the last one to get it in my family), but laid on my stomach for a while, drank some coke, and then visited 'ye royal throne' for a few 'emergency evacuations,' and then I was fine.

What is this virus? I knew it was making it's rounds here in Okie-land, but it's in Tex-land too? Eeek - it sure gets around. :-?

Dawn said...

I hope it was only a 24 hour bug. Every blog I have read today, someone is sick with something. I guess it's the world wide season of the sickies. :-/

There will be other Christmases to celebrate (unless Yeshua comes back for His church in 2009) and at least you did get to participate in the day even if you weren't feeling festive. :-)

I am sure your hubby is enjoying his mp3 player.
I was going to get mine at iPOD because his got stolen this year, but I got him a camcorder instead. :) I may get him an iPOD for his birthday in March if money permits.

Sabbath blessings to you and yours,