October 24, 2008


Well, thanks to everyone who was praying for my husband and I.

I can now reveal what it was were dealing with. My husband is from Michigan, the Upper Peninsula around the city of Iron Mountain. The year I was born, his family moved to Texas. He and his brothers grew up here, and then about 15 years ago, his parents felt called back to the UP. So, dh and his brothers stayed here and married and established themselves here. Unfortunately it's been difficult to see his parents and extended family because it takes two days to make the trip!

Well, completely out of nowhere, God spoke to us about moving. Up there. I repeat- moving UP THERE!!! It was really weird because I was down about some things that had happened recently. The more I got to thinking about the way things have been going the last several months, I realized that we aren't needed here- I felt done. I wanted to leave leave- and start over. My husband called me from work right as I realized this and I told him and he felt the same way. We had not talked about this at all beforehand- it wasn't on our minds AT ALL.

So, we started talking and praying. Wednesday was a terrible day. Full of turmoil- we were both barely able to function- we basically just went through the motions, because we were so torn about this. He talked to his parents and of course they were all excited, but agreed to pray for God's direction.

This is what we think. Time is short. The end is near. Now is not the time to be so focused on what will benefit me, but rather, what does God need for me to do? The harvest is ready, but where are the laborers? Are people willing to meet His needs regardless of how it affects them? Do the Yoopers need a country Texas gal to warm them up? LOL. I guarantee I'll make 'em laugh with my accent. So, we believe that God has heard us and desires to do something to bless us. Up there we can have land and farm it- land is so high here- my husband will be able to hunt and fish and ski all he wants, with people who want to be with him. Here, all of our friends have pretty much dropped us, we never see our siblings, despite numerous attempts to make our church more social, no one is willing. I have to do it all. I have been to the three different MOPS groups in three different towns around here, and no one would take my offer of friendship. Yet, while visiting up there, I met all sorts of people who enjoyed being with us and wishing we were closer.

My family is having a hard time. I've always been here, and they are so very attached to my children. They know they will miss us a lot, but they have made it very clear that they will be visiting regularly. Every time I talk to my mom we start crying.

For anyone who doesn't know, where we live now is the complete opposite in climate to where we are headed. I am still turning on the air conditioning here, and most people don't even have air conditioning up there!! We're talking 40 degrees below zero...we never even make it to zero degrees here. We haven't seen snow fall here in 5 years...they get snow sometimes in October. So, this is a big change. Like moving to another country...and for those who don't realize, we just moved here 6 months ago. We've moved now 5 times in 7 years.

One thing is for sure, I will be gathering lots of Texas paraphanalia and I really want that t-shirt that says 'Don't Mess with Texas Women'. I am proud to be a Texan, but God's plans are much more important. We must obey and He will bless us.

So for anyone who has had to pick up and move completely away from family and your hometown, please drop some helpful tips. If anyone lives up north, please give me some pointers about what to pack and what we will need. Thank you all.


Amity said...

Well I live in Wisconsin which has similar weather to where you are headed. While it does get very cold...I have a feeling that you are going to love the changing of he seasons here...
Especially now that is starting to get cold you are going to be needing way more clothing then you are used to..lol. Sweaters, nice thick warm tights, coats, hats, snowpants, boots...you get the picture:-)

ElleBee said...

Well it looks like you'll have a lot more opportunities to make that soup and muffins! :) It is so wonderful that you were able to hear God's calling for you. This is a big change, to be sure, but your faith is strong and I know that you will do great things in His name. Keep us all posted on the big move!

Vix said...

Hey Mama! My DH's family lives in MI and all I can say is to think in layers. Like not just a long sleeve T-Shirt but and undershirt too. No short socks, long socks with boots that can be waterproofed. Stuff like that. For a Southerner the first year or two will be a shock and seem sooo cold, and the summers not hot enough. But you will aclimate in time. :) Get used to buckling carseats with heavy winter coats. ;)

I know how it is to leave family since mine is gone. :) But I have no tips for that..

Praying for you.

Veiled Glory said...

I am happy for you all to make a big change and be at peace about it.Invest in wool socks or learn to knit! Unless, of course, you wish to have a high utility bill or lose conversation with your nether regions for 6 months of the year. :)

Shannon L. Fowler said...

My husband & I were born & raised in Michigan! When I was 25 we moved our family to North Carolina. We weren't Yoopers, but trolls! LOL Lower South East Michigan in Monroe. South of Detroit, North of Toledo Ohio.

Anyway, You will need LOTS of winter clothes, snow suits, boots, mittens, all that stuff.

You are blessed to have your dh's family there to move by. We had nobody, just us and the Lord. Anything you want to know, just ask!! Our kids were 5 & 8 when we moved.

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Mammy said...

We're in Ohio but have both moved alot to different climates. If you've moved that many times in 7 years, you're more prepared than alot of folks would be, especially in knowing how to do a smooth move.

My folks lived in the UP (Marquette) back in the day, but the closest weather wise I got was when I lived in Colorado (Or
wyoming when I was little)

I'd say look forward to alot of good stuff like ice skating and skiing and snowmobiling and snow ice cream and snowball fights...and not so fun stuff like shoveling snow and months of winter weather. You'll probably need to plug your car in to get the engine warm so you can start it in the mornings. I'd say be prepared to have to wear mufflers (scarves), mittens/gloves, long johns, earmuffs, toboggens (hats) - just be prepared to be bundled up. You might want to have an emergency stash in your vehicle: blanket or two, salt, ice scraper, jumper cables, some high energy food such as candy bars or Power bars....you might want to check with his family and see what kind of winter prep they do too.

Its a big move you're facing but it sounds exciting too.



Renee said...

That is so exciting! My husband and I moved from California to Tennessee, and it was like moving to a foreign country. It has made our marriage stronger, and it has forced us to rely on one another. I have grown up a lot in the past year and was recently saved. I am not sure that I would be the person I am right now had I stayed in California. Keep faith, pray, and look forward to a fresh beginning... Good Luck!

Shannon said...

Coats, long underwear, snow suits, boots, gloves, hats, wool socks, warm pjs.

I'm not that far north but I know about COLD & SNOW! :)

I have no tips on moving because I've never moved. Sorry. But it sounds like an adventure!! I'm excited for you. :)


SouthernMom said...

Dh and I have felt a push to move.
His family lives in Wisconsin. We live in Alabama. So I know what you mean about the weather. It's strange how God deals with you. I have always lived in AL. Never wanted to leave. I was always scared to leave. Suddenly I have a peace with in me. I'm not scared anymore.

Brandy said...

I lived in Michigan for 9yrs before I met my husband online and got on a Greyhound to move to South Carolina to marry him.

... then after spending a lot of time down South, we moved up to Vermont.

Your first winter in the UP will be rough ... you'll feel like you're freezing all the time. Dress in layers. Get some thermal undergarments. Some good boots. Sweaters, coats, hats, gloves. Ya know, winter stuff lol.

I think you'll LOVE all the change of seasons. I know I did. I actually miss Michigan A LOT ... but the Lord has been calling our family elsewhere, so we're saving to head on out to where He wants us.

We've moved around a lot too ... 10 times in 6yrs.

Anonymous said...

We recently moved three states away into a much more harsh climate ~ completely away from all family, friends, anything familiar. Two years before our move we felt God was "unplugging" us from our home. He all of a sudden made our friends inaccessible, distant, our extended family was in constant turmoil, the neighborhood kids became bullies to our children, and our home became a burden. Our church went in a completely wrong (in our opinion) direction ~ more into fancy buildings instead of reaching out to the lost. We knew God was leading us away and preparing us all for a big transition.

I really think if you see these things happening, it's because you have a change coming which doesn't require you to learn certain things... such as you don't have to be ripped away from a state, but you will go willingly where He leads you. I think He will teach you some amazing things, and learn them easily since you are eager and willing to be in His Will!

We have learned that there are great opportunities and great blessings wherever we go. It has been a time to come away, to start over, to reevaluate, to reassign, a FRESH START! I'm not crazy about the freakishly wild weather here, but I notice myself and my children and husband smiling a lot more here. Our spirits are lighter. We are beginning to hear more clearly, spiritually speaking.

Follow!!! Listen!!! The Lord will tell you both the same thing if you are to go in a direction. Sounds like He did!
How exciting.

Plus... when your mother visits, it will be SUCH a sweet, cherished, devoured time. We find those times are much more memorable to the kids now that it is "special" to see Gramma.

I will pray for you all,

Sarah said...

I am so happy for your family! I will be praying for a smooth transition. Better stock up on winter clothes!:)

Kelly said...

Welcome to Michigan. I don't live in the UP but South-Western Mi near Holland which is on Lake MI. I grew up in MI then traveled all over in my twenties. I lived in Houston for a few years and the transition back to MI was very cold. I'm assuming you have visited the UP? No offense "Yoopers" but there is not a lot to do up there and stores are few and far between. I'd love to meet you in person sometime. See you already have a friend in MI?!!

Henley said...

hi Jessica,
Wow movinb is exciting if you just haven't done it! I guess you can get out of your lease pretty easily. Wow. Where will hubby work there?
Good Luck to you!

Ohiomom9977 said...

The UP is a beautiful place, truly God's country. My mother was born and raised in Escanaba and I have lots of family in Wisconsin also. My Grandmother lives in Escanaba to this day. I haven't been there in years but always remember the people being friendly and the scenery beautiful.

Liz said...

how exciting for your family! i love change...this will be great for you guys to be more self-sustainable..i'm a texas gal myself and proud of it...but that's great what God has called ya'll to do, and I think this will be such a great experience.
God Bless!