October 16, 2008

Nothing in particular...

Blogging has been rather hit and miss the last week. Sorry. I have lots of things to take pictures of and post about, just haven't gotten around to it.

I have been trying to finish two quilts this week plus do extra cleaning/decluttering and prepare for guests. When I have someone new over, I look at the house with new eyes and the clutter that I've become used to suddenly stands out :)

I have been wanting to take another set of pictures of my house since we've lived here a few months now and I've redecorated, but again, haven't gotten to it.

Another thing is that I've been soooo tired lately. My eyes feel tired and achy and like I have sand in them. This in turn as made me a bit irritable. So today I laid down with cucumber slices over my eyes for 15 minutes. Worked great! And I have an endless supply of cucumbers!!

I just checked the garden- LOADS of radishes. What do you do with those besides eat them raw?

I am having a HARD time getting myself exercising regularly. I need to so badly, but for whatever reason, my time seems taken up, or, because I'm not used to doing it, it slips my mind! Seems like something ALWAYS comes up that is more important.

So, I am working on a schedule, yet again, to really keep myself accountable. Not to the point of stressing out, but to make the minutes in my day really count. Maybe after awhile I won't need as much schedule, but right now I do, because I just can't keep things together. My priorities keep slipping out of order...

So, right now I need to be working on Leiah's quilt, then work on dinner. I need to make a last minute grocery trip to another town this evening, so I need to get things finished before I leave. We are having a lovely cool day today after a week of upper 80s, so the girls need to get out in it a bit too.


Anonymous said...

This is totally off topic, but...is there any way you could move the music widget to the bottom of this blog? I always have to copy and paste your posts into open office to read them or wait one to two days otherwise? You can make a new widget space above and below the main body. If you want to, I mean.

Anneatheart said...

Well, the reason I have it on the left hand sidebar is so that people can turn it off if they don't want to hear the music. I'm not sure I understand exactly what the problem is- on my computer it's on the far left side, not obstructing the view of my posts. I do have a high speed wireless internet connection though, so if you have something slower it might be causing a problem. I don't really know what to tell you.

Nadine said...

Stumbled on your site...Love it!

have this great healthy yummy potato salad that requires lots of yummy radishes...if you would like it let me know...the dressing is also made from scratch...

We eat buffalo meat too...me and beef don't like each other...
we buy a half of a buffalo at a time..if I remember correctly it costs us somewhere around $700...that's all kinds of cuts...we plan and save for it ahead of time...way cheaper this way that going by the pound...plus I also prefer grass fed over grain fed...

Come and visit me too over at


Rachel said...

I think what Anon means is that the page won't let her scroll to the bottom, so she cannot read the rest of the post - this has to do with the browzer. Drove my friend nuts at work LOL

May I suggest something for the scheduling? This worked for me, so it may for you too.

I listed the things I wanted/must get done on a weekly basis. Then I split it up between M-F, a few each day. Then I saw if I could handle this. If I could, i added. If not, I took it away. Granted, some days nothing gets done just because of how the days goes.

Daily - bathroom, bed and ME!

Monday - sweeping, mop vacuum
Tuesday - Dust, mirrors, doors
Wednesday - paper day; bills; filing
Thursday - microwave, appliances, switchplates
Friday - Purse and truck

IF I finish these things I do a 15 min organizing/going thru project. If not.. then I don't worry about it. Each week a different room in the house is a "project".

Yes, it's Flylady, but it works. If I don't get to dust this week.. i don't stress because i know next week I'll get to it. If i don't get to tidy the bedroom closet I know next month I will. I printed my lists and have them in a binder in a sheet protector. I mark each one off as it's done. Next month when master bedroom rolls around I will see the closet is not marked off so it needs to be done. Once all the list has been marked off I start all over. If the project list is done and I have time, I will look at other lists I have and see what I can do instead.

Point is... do a typical day and SEE what really and truly can be done in your life. Don't over schedule. Decide if something is worth doing daily, weekly, monthly, etc. You cannot do it all every day. Break it down to YOUR taste. Start with one thing.. add to it.. Mondays and Thursdays are busy at work so I konw I don't get much done at home on those days. I do sweep daily, but if I don't mop.. oh well! Spot mop if necessary and wait until next week or when you do have time.

HOpe this helps :)

Robyn said...

For the radishes: can you ferment them like sauerkraut? Nourishing Traditions style?

I know in Korea they make kimchi from Korean radishes, they are bigger, but I wonder if you shred your radishes if you could make them fermented like sauerkraut? :-)