October 28, 2008

I can't sleep :( Don't have anymore sleepy time tea either...

I've been battling sinus/allergy symptoms, so it's hard to sleep with a plugged up nose. But, God's Word says that by His stripes I am healed, so I'm going with that.

Sunday morning, in the middle of church, I got literally attacked by a bladder infection. It just came up out of nowhere- fast and painful! Our church body laid hands on me and prayed, so I knew I was healed, yet the symptoms were still lingering. So, I went ahead and treated it with some natural things.

How to get rid of a bladder infection without antibiotics:

I drank 64 oz of real cranberry juice- downed it :)
I drank around a gallon of distilled water

I had to take some gas pills because I had a weird pocket of gas pain underneath my c-section scar, which was contributing to the pain of everything else.

By lunch time I was better. Later I got a quart of colloidal silver from our pastor, and drank 6-8 oz of it that evening. GONE! Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that doesn't kill the good bacterias and yeasts.

Plus I kept confessing God's Word over me. Thank you Lord!

Then yesterday I drank two more doses of colloidal silver. Good to go!

I thought back over the last couple of weeks and I've been drinking way too much caffeine/sugar and hardly any water. So Sunday I didn't drink any caffeine and yesterday I only drank some hot tea with honey. I also did a special lymph cleanse with a dry brush over my skin early Sunday morning, so it could have released some toxins into the bowel/bladder to be eliminated, but because I wasn't drinking much water it just sat.

So, I have been drinking lots of water. I learned my lesson.


Shannon said...

I only drink water. :)

Keep a bottle of it around with you all the time. It'll be a good reminder to drink it. Oh, I just keep refilling a bottle I got from the store. :)


Shannon L. Fowler said...

Glad that didn't last long for you!

I need to remember to drink more water too.

God Bless,
Shannon in NC