October 14, 2008

A Food post

Well, since I came across this book about the Hunzas, I am finding that the bread recipe I tried is probably a myth :) I did make the bread and it barely rose! I baked it this morning and it tastes fine, but the buckwheat is strong. Oh well...

I thought I would share our weekly menu. I don't have much time to post today. I sat in the car at the grocery store trying to figure up a menu and grocery list. Dis-organized much?

Today, Tuesday- chili beans (pintos with ground beef, onions, tomatoes and chili spices), yooper macaroni and cheese, salad

Wednesday- Chicken with basil and tomatoes, polenta and a salad

Thursday- chicken fried rice, stir fried veggies and Asian slaw

Friday- we are having guests for dinner. I am making a spicy (as in not spicy hot, Indian spices) creamy pumpkin soup, slightly sweet pecan scones, a spinach salad with pears and feta cheese, and either panna cotta (Italian custard) or an apple tart thingie. Notice no meat :) A frugal meal I guess, however the cream and cheese can be expensive...

Saturday- grassfed buffalo burritos, chips and salsa

Sunday- usually leftovers or something quick like eggs or ramen noodles

Monday- potato soup, garlic cheese biscuits, salad

Tuesday- salmon casserole (I will try the recipe from Candy's site) and broccoli

I plan things this way because my husband gets paid on Wednesdays. Sometimes though we eat more than I thought or I didn't buy enough so I have to go on Tuesday night, or in this case Tuesday morning :)

I read some more info about food additives and have become very picky now about what I buy. The absolute worst things you can put into your body are:
High Fructose corn syrup
anything that says 'natural flavors' 'artificial flavors' or 'spices' -hundreds of chemicals
Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils

So, today I was very careful. I bought meat that was all natural, which cost several dollars more than usual. (1 lb of the buffalo was $6.99 and the whole chicken was around $7) The organic milk was on sale for $2.99 a gallon, yea, the butter and cheese was just too much though, so I got the best I could, which was still good quality. The organic fruits and veggies were steep too, and I already had lots of produce from last week in the fridge. I bought some organic peanut butter, some frozen veggies, all natural fruit juice for the kiddies and other stuff. I didn't need rice, beans, pasta or canned goods. We are also stopping drinking tap water (the fluoride messes with the thyroid, which I do not need) so I bought distilled. My total was $80 and some change. I still need a large container of cream, curry powder and the feta cheese.

Anyways, I totally believe that when we pray over our food, it is good for us, but that doesn't mean we don't need to choose what goes into our bodies with wisdom. Our garden isn't producing like we hoped, so we won't have lots of organic veggies this year. I did however put up 6 pints of sweet pickles and relish Saturday, so at least we have the cucumbers :) The chicken coop will also have to wait till spring- too much to do! But, we're doing the best we can.

Hopefully by getting as many chemicals out of our food as possible, I'll lose some of this weight!!

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Rachel said...

Good for you! Small changes.. keep with it. We strongly believe that by praying over your food is BEST. My MIL said she read an article that did a study and found the body was absorbing the foods better in the ones that prayed over their food. I cannot find it now.. but we do believe this.

Power of the tongue - I do believe this. Before I started working we would drive by this particular place. Each time I would say, "That is where I am going to work! Wave to my office!" I went to work there. After that I started saying, "WHen I work from home..." I now work from home. I believe in positive thinking and speaking. Surrounding yourself with positivity brings about, well, positivity! I use to laugh when someone said something negative and my mother would cover there mouth and say not to let it escape! (because you could make it come true!) NOw I know why!! :)