October 29, 2008

The Masterpiece

I got a revelation today. I can't remember when I got it, sometime this afternoon or evening, but it's a really neat picture.

I was thinking about how different I am now than I was before marriage. I had lots of potential and was wise beyond my years- I must have been, why else would a 29 year old man marry an 18 year old? LOL

But it got me to thinking about the verse that talks about us being the clay and God is the potter that forms us. I was a very nice lump of clay- soft and pliable, easy to work with. (easy for God I mean) But I didn't have a definite form yet.

Or as in a painting, maybe the basic scene was painted, but not the details and highlights that make the picture come alive. Lots of potential, but lacking in anything really beautiful. My husband was the same way.

I believe that marriage and later children, is a means of refinement. It is in these roles that we are pushed to our limits in many areas, causing us to cleave unto the Lord and seek His ways more. For me, I didn't know at all what it meant to be a wife. The first year of marriage was lovely and sweet, but by year three, things were getting tough. That is when I finally learned some valuable things. At the time my husband knew nothing either, and only recently in the last year or two has really 'grown up' in the Lord and in our relationship.

As the days and years go by, the painting of our life becomes more defined- highlights here, touches of unexpected color there, a blending of several colors...or the clay slowly takes shape into something recognizable and hopefully, beautiful. When my dear husband and I were married, we were nice lumps of clay. We have had to let ourselves be molded and changed, and sometimes squished all back together and start over again. I am more amazed at how far we've come in such a short time as each year goes by.

The fact that I can willingly leave all that I've ever known, into 'foreign lands' (ha,ha) for the benefit of my husband, and all of us too, can only be because of what I've learned about submitting to the Father's plan. He has used me to encourage and uplift my husband, and at times give him a gentle push and courageous pep talk into the right direction. Not that I know more than he, but there are times of uncertainty when one needs to be convinced they are doing the right thing.

In the last few weeks I've grown more in love with Matthew; he has become so much more understanding, giving, and nurturing to me and the girls. He desires to obey the Lord and His Word no matter what- he trusts Him fully. He comes home and talks to me about the things he's learned about on the radio regarding family and home, which echoes the very things that I read in books and online. God is seeing that we both get the same messages through different media :)

It is exciting to know that years from now, assuming we're still here if Jesus hasn't returned yet, I will be even better than I am now. My painting will be that much more interesting and detailed; my sculpture will look more like something valuable.

I just thought I would share my epiphany with everyone- it spoke a lot to me. I must be off to bed now.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yep, marriage and kids definitely help to define one.

You speak of growth in our love with your husband. Isnt that the neatest thing about marriage? If tended carefully love grows greater until death. Its amazing especially when one thinks that they are more in love on their wedding day than anyone else has ever been!! LOL

Gina said...

This was such a lovely word picture. Thank you for sharing this with your readers. I am praying for your move to MI!