October 30, 2008

Thursday's Work

I feel so much better, praise the Lord! I prayed that I wouldn't have side effects from the medicine, because I usually do, and I haven't...only better. I've been drinking plenty of kefir in between doses to make sure the good guys are still there.

I thought I would share my work for today. This week hasn't been normal in the least because I haven't been well. I've kept up ok, but there were several things needing to be done.

This has been sitting since Monday...

This is the clutter area, er junk desk, the catch-all spot...needs some help...

The fridge got jammed with groceries yesterday as I was in a mad dash to get to the ER/direct care. Some frozen things are now thawed and stuff just needs to be rearranged.

And I need to do some cooking: I bought some whole wheat berries to try and grind in the coffee grinder for bread.

And I have some meaty beef bones to make a nourishing stock from that will turn into an interesting tomato soup for supper tonight.

The children's books are getting a bit out of hand...

The clothes overfloweth in our bathroom, oops I had to bleep something out there...I do not wish to show my undergarments to you all :)

I will post after pictures later, but as of now all is done except folding some clothes, finish the soup and straightening the books...I got tired out!

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