October 17, 2008



My husband picked ALL the radishes yesterday. The right side of the sink is the really dirty ones straight from the garden dirt. The ones on the left are the washed ones. They are mostly green tops!

See, they were mostly greens. I found out today that you can eat the greens too. I found several pickled radish recipes, salads and a soup recipe for the greens.

However I can't deal with them today except wash and store them- I have company coming! I have to wash everything a second time as well because they're so very dirty. The best way to get all the dirt off, in my opinion since I don't have a sprayer, is to fill up the sink with cold water and let the radishes sit for 10-15 minutes, swirling them around a bit. All the dirt goes to the bottom.

Ok, well, time to scrub the incredibly hard to clean faux micro suede furniture- with baby soap and water! Ugh!


Rebecca said...

What will you do with all those radishes? :) I am a pretty reg. reader of your blog. It is encouraging and I enjoy it.

I read your post about the Tongue a Creative Force. I read that years ago and really liked it. A lot of good stuff. Another good read is The Spirit Controlled Woman and Creative Counterpart. Have a great day!

liz said...

i dont know if you buy baby wipes, but they work really well on the microsuede furniture, it works wonders on spilled milk drips from the babys bottle, andsticky food messes..get the cheap ones, they all do a good job, on walls too!

Crystal said...

Our microsuede furniture is EASY to clean. Like Liz, I just use baby wipes (in a circular motion). When this furniture was a few months old, then two-year old DS wrote all over the back of our recliner with orange and purple crayon. I used a couple baby wipes and it worked. Since then, I just clean the furniture routinely with baby wipes!