May 1, 2009

The Easy Yoke

Well, I still can't use our laptop. I bought a cord for it yesterday ($80!!!) and it wasn't the right one. So, no pictures or post about my 'Brain in a Box' yet.

In trying to decide what to share today, I think about all that has transpired in a week. Internally, there are lots of things going on right now. My life is at the brink of a big change, or not, or a really big change. It all just depends, which isn't a comfortable feeling. I deal with things that many others do not, such as my oldest child has some special needs that complicate things. I have to fight for her to get what she needs because she can't. Going up against a system is very frustrating at times. (I am referring to the public school) Plus, the fact that most of the time she can't tell me what she wants, feels, thinks, needs etc. Add in that her physical skills are limited, such as, at the age of 6 she isn't potty trained yet, she can't dress herself, she can't buckle her own seatbelt or step down out of the van by herself. (well, sometimes she can) But the worst part, is she knows everything in her mind, she just can't seem to get it to come out of her mouth. She doesn't want to do sign language either- she wants to say it, but it's very hard for her.

I have a meeting next week with the school about her attending regular kindergarten next year, and so far, all those meetings about it in the past have not gone well. If this one doesn't get what I want, then I will either have to get a lawyer or move again. Homeschool is not an option this year.
Yet I have a strong nesting instinct, which is why I'm working so hard to get rid of clutter and get organized before summer- before I get too big and tired and have all my children at home to care for.

However, many people have their own challenges in life, which is why this story should help. Right now, things don't look good in the world. If were an unbeliever, I am sure I would be full of fear. But, Christians know or should know what is going on. We don't have to be afraid because we are being allowed the privilege of watching Bible prophecy being fulfilled. We know the ending of the story and we're on the winning side. Therefore we shouldn't be worried about money and necessities, because if we trust in the Lord, He will direct our paths and be our provider.

A lady from church was really asking God what it means to trust Him fully. He showed her a little dream or vision, of herself in a river. She was thrashing around and struggling for her life, trying to save herself. The next picture was of her in a raft, laying back, relaxing while floating down the river. God told her that trusting Him was just resting in Him and allowing Him to work, not trying to do it yourself.
So the next picture went back to her struggling in the water again, and God said to her "Stand up!" And she did. The water was only up to her knees when she stood! The problem wasn't really a problem after all, because when she got her feet on something solid (the Word and Jesus) she could stand her ground.

Why do we let ourselves run wild with worry and trying to solve it ourselves? I don't know...for me it's the feeling of the unknown thatI don't like. I like to have a plan to work towards and not be in the dark. I like to be prepared, especially when expecting a baby. When I can't see what's ahead of me, I allow worry to creep in, which is actually sinning. It's like telling God He isn't big enough to handle it on His own.

God has really blessed me this week with a desire to be efficient and responsible for my home and family. He has blessed me with strength and energy to accomplish A LOT! I look forward to doing my laundry :) Big for me...many things I had been wanting to do but hadn't, I finally did. I finally made crockpot yogurt again, and it came out great. I actually prepared my grains/flours properly this week and decluttered many troublesome areas. I've been reading my Bible daily.

So, be encouraged to give things to the Lord and enjoy peace and calm. I will need to remind myself of that as well since I have a big to do list today.

So far, I've done my morning routine, gotten two loads of laundry washed and 1 folded, got my butter softening for baking.
Next I have to: take my vitamins
deep clean girls' room- it stinks!
wash one more load of clothes
bake up two loaves of banana bread and something for dessert
start chicken stock in crockpot
clean the refrigerator-bleck
go through toys again

And these are just the most important things :)


liz from new york said...

i had the same problem with my laptop cord, if you buy on ebay, you can get one for as little as 20.00, it may take a week or so, bbut totally worth it, just type in your kind of laptop, and you see leyerally hundreds for so cheap..good luck!

Angela said...

I posted something similar to this on my blog titled :Faith, Fear, Worry, Peace.

Thank you for the reminder..