May 11, 2009

Monday again

I think from now on I will try to use Monday as a weekly plan post, just because I'm sure you are all so interested in my weekly duties :)

I had a great weekend- birthday and Mother's Day rolled into one- the weather was on the hot side, but we still spent 3 hours at the zoo, sweating it out. Thankfully snow cones were only 92 cents :) I was begging for one along with my kids :)

So, what's my plan for this week. For one, to make it better than last week! Gee wiz, life hit hard last week. Everyday there was some new attack.

"We are pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. I am blessed beyond the curse for His promises endure and His joy is my strength." Romans? It's also a praise song.

Yesterday we voiced our issues to the church, and they all gathered around us, anointed us with oil and prayed. So now we have our whole church body standing with us on everything that is going on. We've been house hunting a lot, and have one to look at this week. It's a manufactured home that sits on 4 acres of pretty land, and apparently has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. All for under $100,000 in a prime location. We'll see.

If possible, I will take pictures of my new home management system. I like to call it my 'Brain in a Box'. You can see where I got the idea for it here. My goals this week are to maintain the house- it's in fairly good shape or will be after today, work on some sewing projects and work on cleaning up our diet a bit. Let me tell ya, big health nut that I am, we have fallen off the wagon big HUGE time. What's even more amazing is that I didn't care! One day, Friday I think, I let my children eat- sugary cereal (with raw milk), boxed macaroni and cheese, red Kool-aid, Doritos, chocolate animal crackers, then I made soaked pinto beans and macaroni and cheese (with white flour pasta) for dinner. I had made coffee ice cream from raw milk and cream, but it didn't make in time for that night.

So, I did some brainstorming on healthy kid foods. It doesn't take that much time to make your own chicken nuggets and french fries if you plan ahead a little and utilize your oven. I can make homemade popsicles, pudding, soaked whole grain cookies etc. It's just keeping it in your mind! Maybe I'll start posting what I make for kids and how it rated with them. Just remind me!

I am proud of myself this morning though- I made myself eat a good breakfast for my baby. I fried a quality egg in coconut oil, ate some soaked oatmeal with raw honey, a slab of butter and cinnamon, and about 4 oz raw milk. I also had some organic coffee. I made just enough to fill me without getting too full. Most of the time I am not in the mood to eat early in the morning.

For lunch I plan to make tuna fish sandwiches and try to get myself to eat a salad too. Dinner is roasted chicken and vegetables and salad. So, I should get enough protein and fat. I have raw almonds, cheese and yogurt to snack on too, plus the milk. I am supposed to drink a quart of milk a day!! I'm not even close to that yet. But I want this baby to grow good- mine are always so tiny at birth- they don't usually make it to 7lbs. I am hoping to get one over 7lbs this time.

I also take cod liver oil, kelp, good vitamins and a probiotic.

Alright, my to do list for today is:

do my morning routine, or finish it, which is- get dressed, make beds and tidy room, swipe the bathroom sinks and toilets, unload dishwasher and clean up kitchen (after breakfast), vitamins, start laundry

fold some clothes I washed over the weekend

I need to vacuum the front room

Mop the kitchen

wipe down appliances in kitchen

pay some bills

start a new kefir batch

get some flour and oats soaking for tomorrow

And hopefully, if time I need to cut out a new pattern I bought for baby, isn't it CUTE!!!

I will definitely make the diaper shirts and dresses and will probably make the long sleeved gown for winter.

Well, that's long winded enough. One question, this baby doesn't move a whole lot. The last two day she hasn't been very active. Some days she is, but it bothers me that the movements are so irregular. Anyone else have not-very-active babies in utero??


liz from new york said...

i have to say, one of my daughters was like that, i literally would poke her all the time to make sure she was still hanging in there,she give a thump of a foot or arm, and settle down again. she is and always has been such a mellow, mild kid, a real easy one, always slept good, no fussing, one of those you wish for, so thats a good thing!

My Life With Boys said...

Yes, Grant wasn't a very active baby at all. He was completely different from Noah. I didn't worry too much. As long as he moved I knew he was okay. He has proven to have the same calm personality outside the womb. Maybe you're just having a calm, easygoing baby. Nothing wrong with that! ;-) You know whats odd? I have large babies and I don't take tons of supplements, herbs or eat super healthy. I mean, I eat healthy but not extremely so. I wonder if it's a genetic thing (producing large or small babies). My aunt and my grandma (who's about 5 foot even...tiny little thing) had large 9-10 pound babies and my dad was 10 lbs when he was born. Which reminds me...I'm two weeks past my due date today and Grant is already 11 pounds. If they would've let me go two weeks late (which some doctors do) Grant would've been at least an 11 to 11 1/2 pound baby..yikes! 'That' is why I insist on going a few days before my due date or at the latest my due date. I don't want an 11 pound baby again!!! Anyway, I'm anxious to see your new little one...she'll be here before you know it!

Tracie said...

Hey there. I wanted to comment on a post you did the other day about your school situation, but never got a chance. I think it's great that you want to homeschool some day, but if you're not comfortable with it right now . . . wait!! Next year, once you recover and baby gets on a schedule, you could always work with your three year old just to get the feel of it and build some confidence. Either way, the move to a better school district sounds like a good choice. I hope it all works out for yall.

true blessings said...

Read your post last night,about your daughter's school situation ,& everything else going on, well I was thinking about you and how frustrated you must feel, and I know you know God and trust HIm, but just wanted to remind you to be still and know that HE is GOd, He is leading the way, He is in complete control, and loves your little girl more than you can love her, everything is going to be okay:):)

Anneatheart said...

I guess baby is just turned weird, because most of the movements I feel are very low, on my bladder or tail bone. Yesterday a little girl sang "He's got the whole world in His hands" at church, a cappella, and she added a new verse just for me, "He's got the unborn babies, in His hands..." So I keep reminding myself of that.

Tereza said...

That system looks neat in the link:)