May 20, 2009

Ramble ramble

Thanks for all the well wishes on the house. I am slightly nervous about it, because it's higher priced than some others, but we can make a lower offer and see what happens. Oh, and to a commenter, of course we're going to have chickens! Maybe a cow, hadn't thought about goats though. We actually thought about getting a herd of cats to keep the field mice population down, lol. We lived way out in a pasture when we first got married, and we were always catching mice.

I am excited about the prospect of finally being 'home'. If we get this house though, I will need more furniture. We only have a small table in the kitchen, which we have outgrown, and the house has two dining areas. I would love a dining set with a hutch, but then I would need dishes to display, LOL. My children need big beds as well- been keeping my eye out for a good deal on bunk beds but so far haven't found anything great yet. My husband and I need some bedroom furniture as well, but God provides I know, so I'll just look forward to that.

It's really bugging me about the baby names. Why is it so hard to find the right one? Now I'm thinking of letting go of the names that end in 'A'. The only one my husband and I both like is Kayla. I think Kayla May is cute.

Some new ones I like:





Kathryn-always liked that one

I don't think I would name a child this, but Christabel means 'beautiful Christ follower'- neat huh?

Sorry all my posts are on the fluffy side lately. I've been really tired lately (out of vitamins) and just preoccupied with all the house stuff. For me I really like to be prepared. I am about to be in the third trimester and that doesn't afford a whole lot of time.

In 10-11 weeks, we need to be moved, have all baby items, have a name picked out, have everything ready for the school girls etc. Seeing as how it may be another two weeks before we can even make an offer on the house, and sometimes it takes 30 days or more to close...we're talking July to do the actual moving. And I want things set up- not living out of boxes. That means I'll be between 8-9 months of pregnancy, going to the doctor every week. And at the very least it will be 95+ degrees outside. My oldest has about two weeks of school left, so I'm trying to get some sewing completed during this time. When I have all three again, I don't know how I'll coordinate that exactly.

So, I should be packing now huh? At the least I should be collecting boxes...again. Any tips for more organized moving? You'd think I would be a pro at it by now, but it's always haphazard with us. Well, I'm rambling now. I need to eat breakfast and start the day.

Edited to add: Here is the dress I made. My pictures aren't the greatest, but it's blue with little white polka dots. I gathered the neckline to give it more interest since it's rather plain. I cut it out and sewed it in less than two hours.

My other pics are blurry, but here they are.

No makeup and wild hair today, er, curly hair. Now if I could just find some more lightweight fabric that doesn't cost a lot...


true blessings said...

Well then Kayla it should be, how about Kayla Renee,or Kayla Grace?

Saved Sinner said...

LOL I should be packing now!

Anneatheart said...

I already have Alexa Grace...

Crystal said...

I have Cora Isabella picked out for when I have a girl.

Denise said...

De-lurking here. :)

What about Hannah, or Anna (my youngest DD's name)?

jesnicole said...

I like all the names...but I really like Emma Joy. (We've always liked Emma for a girl.) Hope things go smoothly with the house! :)

true blessings said...

BTW I love your cute dress!Good job~

liz from new york said...

my daughter just picked kathryn for her confirmation name,so she will be marie elizabeth kathryn,i do like that name!

Anonymous said...

Kayla Mayla... :o)

I heard a mom calling her little girl the other day and thought the name was so pretty: Evelyn Rose. She said they call her Evvie, or however you spell it!

I like Aria (Aaah-re-ah) and really like the Russian name Daria, but it is unfortunately close to the sound of diarrhea :o) which is why my hubby said a firm "no". Also, I liked Mariah, but again, my practical hubby said no because he said it sounded like "periah" ~ LOL! We named her Victoria and call her Toria most of the time.

I LOVE naming babies, but have only been blessed to name my two.

Here's a funny: my sister wanted to name her son Dowell (not kidding...) until I said, "As in "Dowel rod"??? Are you serious??? That's grounds for child abuse!" So, I came up with a better name, Connor, which she and her husband both loved. Thankfully, I had a girl next so it was fine that she "stole" my second boy's name choice.


true blessings said...

how about Kayla Giselle??