May 15, 2009

Some baking

Yesterday I decided I needed to make muffins...lots of them. I have been eyeing a recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet called Blackberry Sourdough muffins. They just sounded delicious and come to find out, they are! They are not a very sweet muffin, and I think they would be very good with some orange or lemon zest mixed in, but I liked them. The texture is dense and moist without being too heavy. If you want sweeter you could coat the berries in some sugar- I used half a bag of frozen mixed berries by the way.

Also I hadn't made homemade English muffins in awhile so I dug out my recipe and made some up-no whole wheat in these, but a nice treat. I don't cook mine on a griddle on the stovetop, I do them in the oven instead. And if you are wanting my recipe, let me know and I'll search for it again and type it up.

This is my birthday cake that dear husband made last week. Good job huh? I don't think he's ever baked a cake from scratch before- even the icing was homemade.

The past two nights I have not slept well- last night was because Miss Leiah got woke up and it's hard to get her back to sleep. I am looking forward to school being out and being able to sleep till 7am! I need it with the busy life that's coming soon :)

My agenda today: SEW! I cut out several outfits on Monday that need to be sewn, for the girls of course and out of scrap fabrics. I really want to sew them some new dress up dresses just for fun, but it seems I never have the get-up-and-go to get started. I have several other things to do and a busy weekend ahead too...Lord give me energy!


true blessings said...

Thanks a lot for these pics. Iam on day 20 of a 42 day challenge to not eat any sweets!lol

vehementflame said...

thse pictures are so nice- I love the eng muffins- they look like donughts!! are they sourdough too? I've made sourdough ones- but not reg- you can email me/post your recipe when you get time- I would love it. And that Bday cake is AMAZING!! what a sweet husband!! did you teach yourself to sew? I want to make some things- Are patterns pretty simple?? My mom sewd all ur clothes- And I have a machine- I make stuff- but I've never used a pattern...