May 14, 2009

Reviving the Fire

Some of you may remember about this time last year my faith was on FIRE! I had gotten hold of some awesome teaching that just really made the reality of how faith works explode in me and my husband. We saw miracles happen a lot. We were on a mountaintop.

Then, in the fall of last year, things sort of dwindled. I don't know if it was because maybe we weren't continually feeding the fire like we should have, or if outside circumstances became too distracting or what. There were still amazing things happening and God was using us, but I would say that after Christmas, things seemed to really go downhill in that department.

I think we just allowed the thief to steal the Word through the cares of the world. I found out we were pregnant, some bad things were going on with our neighbors, we moved again, sicknesses etc. The sad part was I didn't really care at the time because I was so overwhelmed and didn't feel good. But I know what I'm supposed to do- do not let go and do not give up because it will come to pass when you stand. I've not wanted to seek God, though I know that's exactly what I need. I didn't even want to listen to some of my favorite ministers and teachings for encouragement. Pathetic.

What happened? Did the pressure just get turned up a lot and that's why we've crumbled a bit? Did we just try to coast on past experiences? Yeah, I think so, all of it. Well, I happened on to a minister named Jerry Savelle. The past two weeks he has been on the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast teaching about his book called, get this,
"Called to Battle, Destined to Win."

Aha! Duh, I forgot that living in this world as a Christian is a battle, duh!! But, I also know that the battle is already won, it's just a matter of time before the unseen becomes manifested. Everything he has been saying is exactly what I needed to hear. For instance, he says that sometimes when we are standing in faith for something, say healing in the body, many times we will get to a point where it doesn't look like it's going to get better. The pressure will be even worse than before. What does this mean? It means that you are about to get the answer and because of that there is great tribulation on satan's part- the thing you are believing for is about to come to pass and he's mad because if you get this victory you will get stronger and be victorious next time. He loses ground and credibility in your life.

Oh, so that's why last week was from the pit of hell...I get it. The last couple of weeks I've been feeling like we're on the brink of something, like if we really press into God we'll see some amazing things, but if we don't we won't get the best of what He has for us. It's up to us to do what we ought.

Also, many times we're standing between the 'Amen' of our prayer about something and the victorious outcome and we're having a hard time. The pressure is on- the enemy will come and tell us we can't take anymore, God doesn't really care, this isn't going to work etc. What to do? Rekindle that fire.

For me, I can go back and listen to the teachings that first opened my eyes about this whole faith thing. I can sing praises to the Lord for what He has done, for God inhabits the praises of His people. For us, we finally needed to ask for outside support from our church family. Their is so much strength in the body, both in prayer and just support for each other. We got a special word from God to keep standing on the Word and He would hasten to perform it. So there, that settles it.

"Standing on the promises of Christ my king...standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my Savior..." Yes, I do know some hymns, or parts of them :)

I highly encourage anyone to go over to the left hand sidebar and click on 'Kenneth Copeland Ministries' and watch this weeks and the week before broadcasts. They're only about 20 minutes long each and you can download them to MP3 players or realplayer and watch them at your convenience all for free! You will be encouraged and empowered. Everyone needs that!

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vehementflame said...

i love that hymn too. You really know how to pour out your heart:)thaks for all your encouraging words.