May 4, 2009

A Tired Day

I've been putting off posting today. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and was very sleepy. I slept though, waking up twice, but I went back to sleep again. It's just been very hard to make it through only my routines today, much less the projects I have going.

Last week I had three very active full of energy days and three tireder ones. I'm not sure what the cause is of being one or the other, but it may be a result of my diet. I made a large chocolate cake Friday (didn't know it was going to be so large) that has white flour, white sugar etc. in it and have been grazing on it all weekend. We've been eating chips and less healthy stuff over the weekend too, so maybe that's it. Thankfully the cake is about gone :) I even invited my sister's family over to eat it and there was still some left!!

My handy husband fixed our old power cord for the laptop, so I can now post pictures and such when I get to it. I am rearranging the main living areas of the house, and I might post pics of it later. Anyways, I have several topics to post about. But the first is sort of a question to you all.

We have figured out a way to get our debts paid off and we may have some leftover money to work with. (not revealing too much info about the money) I have been wanting a grain mill for a looooonnggg time. I don't mind using a hand crank one, but it would be much easier to have an electric one. I would prefer it to not be really loud in case I need to do it during naps or something and I want it to have a variety of settings for coarse or fine grinds of grains.

Any suggestions? It's such an investment that I want to make a good choice. Once the initial investment is made buying the mill and grains, I know it would be much more economical, not to mention much healthier than buying pre-ground flours.

I also want to buy a freezer full of good meats. I'm going to look for local sources of beef and chicken, but if anyone knows of a good place online to buy, please pass on the info :) I plan to hit all the 'pick your own' places this summer and freeze or possibly can some. My mom has blueberries and strawberries, my aunt has blackberries, so I just need to find a peach orchard. I can just SMELL those ripe juicy peaches...makes me lick my lips :) I wish we could have planted a large garden to harvest this year, but with my husband working full time outside the home and me being in the last stages of pregnancy with three small children, harvesting didn't seem feasible this year :) We should have plenty to eat off of this summer though, so that's something.

There is a possibility we might move yet again. I have a meeting tomorrow with the school my children will be going to, and I'm not sure if they're going to do what I want about my oldest attending regular ed classes. If they don't agree, then I can either get a lawyer or move. My sister is the special ed DIRECTOR in the next town, so Leiah would get what she needed for sure. Not to mention that's the school I went to when little and I know most of the people. Anyways, it may be that we buy a piece of land and put a new manufactured home on it. Then we can have chickens and goats for eggs and milk. We might decide to move anyways so we can own our own place for once!

Everything depends on how that meeting goes tomorrow, how the money thing turns out, and how hard it would be to get a bank to loan us money. I want to get SETTLED!!! Be in a place where I can finally plant a rose bush for each child (or tree for the boy), plant a strawberry patch (since it takes years for it to get going good) really decorate like I want etc.

In the meantime, I gotta make the home I have into a haven, and have been working steadily at it. I am excusing myself from finish my project today though, I'm just too tired and unmotivated. I pray I can get the laundry folded and put away and dinner made :)


angela said...

We were just blessed with 14 qts of freshly picked strawberries. I have been working with them for 2 days now. Have some jam made..just need to clean and freeze the rest.
We just moved into this house in November and I was pleasantly surprised to find last month that we have a peach tree!! Can't wait to pick some fresh peaches for cobblers.

I'll be praying that your meeting with the school goes well tomorrow.

liz from new york said...

oh, i hope you can see a way to get your loan, and buy home to plant your family must be so hard to up and move so much, i'd lose my mind. we plnted whole bunch of stuff last week in empty spackle buckets in our yard, we only hve pavers and a pool back there, but did a few kinds of tomatos, strawberries, peppers, basil, and i think hubby got some eggplant too, in addition to flowers in assorted pots...he's a frustrated farmer at heart!anyway, try container gardening if you can, it's not so much work.

vehementflame said...

i have a nutrimill and I love it. heck out my post on WHeat Montana- they sell the best grains! I do hope you settle in soon.wouldn't it be so nice to have LAND!!! We don't have much but we have LAND!!