May 13, 2009

A funny

I happened to think of some phrases I say on a daily basis, that would sound really foreign to many ears. I have to watch myself when typing here, because you may not get it. Here are some Texas-isms or whatever you want to call it that I generally say daily.

Yall- you all, everyone, everybody

Tear it up or tore it up- several meanings. It can pertain to food, "Mmm, I could tear some watermelon UP right now!" or "She tore out to the store." (going somewhere in hurry) "Hmmm, I better not eat that, I don't want to tear my stomach up." (don't want digestive problems)

Wore down or Wearing me down- really tired, exhausted, mentally stressed..."These kids are wearing me down." (emphasis on do-o-w-w-n) "Man, I am wore down from shopping."

Be back directly- I'll be back soon- "I'm going to town, be back directly."

I reckon- I agree

"Lit a shuck." or "Lit out"- went somewhere fast- "He lit a shuck to the outhouse." or "When she saw the coyote she lit out." Related to 'high-tailing it", as in, he high tailed it to the house.

Fixin' to- about to, going to..."I'm fixin-a cook dinner."

I can't think of anything else now...if I do I'll add to the list.


My Life With Boys said...

I know these phrases and I'm a northern girl....even though I do belive I'm southern at heart. Someday we'll move south...

Mrs. Darling said...

You may be surprside that way out here in Oregon we use all those same phrases except lit a shuck. We just say lit out. I think people move around so much nowadays that the dialect spreads a lot.

DeNiece Barnes said...

We too use those same phrases here in North Carolina, but to add to the phrases we call our husbands and wives our old lady, or our old man... Thats funny right, so here in the southern part of North Carolina we are really southners lol.

Angela said...

Being from TN, I always get made fun of for saying "fixin to". But don't forget "Going down yonder a piece"...always a favorite in Louisiana.

Anneatheart said...

Well it's neat to see that my 'sayings' are all over the country-I'm not a hick!

Sarah said...

Wow. I say most of these things on a daily basis! I'm from north Texas. The one I use most is "fixin' to"!

Mary said...

We say "I'm gonna whop the fire outta you!" meaning I'm going to admisister dicipline ;) or beat someone up, depending on the context.
Or... "I'm gonna miss the fire outta you!" meaning you are going to miss someone alot.