May 8, 2009

Just some pictures

Here is my attempt at taking pictures of myself, 6 months pregnant. I don't look much different than before, except my hair as grown a lot.

My belly seems to have a point to it...weird. I have a mean expression on my face in this one. Just concentrating though...

I love this dress- got it in the ladies section of walmart. They had red, navy, black and a printed one. This is actually an XXL. I haven't looked here to see if there are more, I got this one in Michigan.

***Edited to add: I forgot to mention that tomorrow is my birthday. Do I look like I'm about to be 27? I look younger than that in these pictures....hmmm. I keep thinking I'm 24 or something.

This is a rare and cut sister picture- they never do this!!

Snow day in Michigan.

This almost midnight after a day of driving on our trip to Michigan. Look happy don't they?


DeNiece Barnes said...

You look really nice in the black dress, and you said you got that from Walmart... *SIGHING* Why don't we have dresses like that in my local Walmart....Oh well when I come to Texas and I swing by your home (Laughing at our joke from ealier this week) then you can take me to Walmart.

Anneatheart said...

Well, I got this one in Michigan. So far I haven't checked my local store to see if they have any. Believe me, I was shocked. But I could take you to Cato- they have lots of cute plus sized clothes at reasonable prices, slightly more than walmart.

atomic momma said...

You look so pretty in that dress! I like your hair! thanks for the pics!

Tereza said...

Love the dress!!!!