April 14, 2008

Learning to relax

Thanks to everyone for their ideas on my squiggly bedroom and advice on relaxing :) We tore the border down Saturday, but never got around to painting yet. You may have noticed that I didn't get to all the 'changes' I was making to my blog. Well, life got in the way :) I am finding that the computer is less appealing to me lately. I have been making myself put it off until nap time unless I really need a recipe or something, and it's hard to settle down to it.

One reason I asked about loosening up as a mom is that lately I've been working too hard. What I mean by that is while my husband and daughters are playing, I'm making the kitchen shine and straightening the house etc. I justify it in my mind that they need time with daddy, but I'm constantly cleaning up after everyone. It will never stop. There will always be some cleaning and laundry to do. It's so hard to let go of this mentality of perfection. Deep down I want to be the absolute best for my husband and children. Ten years from now they won't remember if mama did the dishes every night or if there were crumbs on the floor. So, I am trying. It took awhile to become the clean freak so it may take awhile to let things go a bit.

The hard part for me is really enjoying my children. Sounds bad doesn't it? What I mean is I don't always have a joyful heart towards my children about doing what they want. They are still small so teaching them how to do housework is time consuming, but we do work on it. I'm not the kind of person scrubbing the floors everyday or alphabetizing the canned goods, but I try to make the house neat at all times in every room and look taken care of. That's hard to maintain with three little ones bent on destruction and a large house.

So, I am learning. I'll get there, it will just take me awhile. I have a plan forming in my mind so we'll see how it works once I get it all together.

We have been having beautiful weather here. Our garden is growing and the free flowers are flourishing. My poor inlaws are still getting snow!!!! How terrible...

Anyways, I was wondering, is there anything I should post about? Sometimes I feel like I run out of interesting things to say and end up talking about myself all the time or the same things over and over. My brain has been rather foggy lately. Tomorrow I am starting a cleanse that will hopefully take care of that. Yep, it's spring cleaning time, for this body anyways. More on that later :)


mama said...

Post more on the children!!!! What have you all been doing lately? Outside pics. Oh and pics of you:):)

Thirdtimemomma said...

Umm Its your blog, post on what you want!

You know what I noticed? That you say alot of the same things most mom's with children in your age group say. So I say release the guilt! :) Your doing your best and dont worry so much.. (she says with a sink full of dirty dishes. )