April 2, 2008

Workin' Wednesday

Whew! I need a break!

I've been going all morning and now I can finally take a moment to relax. Wednesday is usually the day I do wet cleaning chores, such as mopping, bathrooms etc. However, our pastor and his wife are coming later this evening so I wanted to make sure I vacuumed and stuff. I attempted to do an Emergency Quick Clean, but the 'quick' took me several hours. Yes it would have been quicker to wait till nap time to do it, but I wanted the afternoon to work on some sewing.

I got up before 6:30, made the bed and got dressed, and donned my 'new' vintage full length and very worn apron I found at a resale shop yesterday. I wanted to make dh a hearty breakfast so he'd not get hungry soon after getting to work. (yesterday's homemade granola and yogurt didn't cut it) I heated two skillets, added a few lumps of coconut oil, peeled and sliced two potatoes and then layered them in one skillet and sprinkled some salt and pepper on top. Then I fried three eggs in the other pan. I toasted some homemade sourdough bread, spread it with butter and reheated yesterday's coffee. (dh doesn't mind it, but I had to make a new pot for myself later) I then scrambled some eggs for the kids and I. I thought I would try using buttermilk instead of regular milk or cream when scrambling the eggs. Well, don't use the cheaper more watered down buttermilk because all it did was completely change the texture of the eggs and produce tons of water!!! I was fighting mad too- wasting good eggs like that. I ate about 1/3 c of them with salsa on top and it was fine. The kids ate it with ketchup and no one noticed. Lesson learned- buy the good stuff always.

After all of that, I sat down with my fresh coffee and read my Bible while the older girls watched some cartoons. Then I made some more yogurt, did a bit of laundry, got the baby situated with milk and food, dressed the girls and got to work. Today I let them watch some 'new' videos I bought from the resale store and play while I cleaned. I wiped down surfaces and appliances, windexed the mirrors and screens, cleaned all sinks, toilets, counters, swept and spot mopped bathrooms, put baking soda all over the floors and vacuumed, doused some cotton balls with essential oils and hid them in the bedrooms and bathrooms, changed the bathroom trash etc. In between that I fixed hair, did Leiah's exercises, changed diapers etc.

I got the girls at the table with playdough while I made a meatloaf and fixed their lunch. Then I mixed up cookie dough- an experiment with healthy ingredients. Next on the list is clearing off the desk, finish mopping the kitchen, cutting out some fabric for a new blouse pattern and maybe a nightgown for Leiah, finish baking the cookies and make dinner later. If weather and energy level permits I will plant the flowers we got last weekend. It's also a bath night tonight, so, still lots to do. But, then I will be DONE! Tomorrow and Friday will be practically free, save a few touch ups here and there and will leave time to work on sewing etc.

Did I mention how my energy levels have been since on the coconut oil? Ha, ha, and shall I also mention that yesterday my monthly friend came to visit? Yeah, and I've been great! I've been making a large pitcher of red raspberry leaf tea when the 'time' is approaching and drinking it. BIG HELP! No cramping, no bloating, no aches of any kind, slight moodiness and it only visits for three days instead of seven! Praise the Lord!


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Sounds like you had an "up" day:) Must feel nice to accomplish so much. Hurray for you!